Feng Shui For Love 2015

Feng shui for love 2015 is an ancient Chinese practice of art and science, which aims to improve harmony within the home to attract positive energy. The application of this technique dates back to over 3000 years, and it remains popular even in the present day.

By understanding how feng shui principles may be applied in your life and home, one can seek positive energies that relate directly to relationships and matters of the heart. The proper placement and decorating strategies of various items can act as a catalyst for improved romantic partnership and communication.

Understanding How Feng Shui For Love 2015 Works These principles may be divided into two key categories: the yin and yang element as well as the five elements principle. The yin and yang refers to the idea that a perfect balance between these two fundamental forces is needed in order to maintain equilibrium in life.

These opposing forces complement each other in all aspects which include strong mental relationships, physical intimacy, emotional connections as well as spiritual commitment. Hence when using feng shui for love 2015 one should focus on activating its power through finding balance between two opposing components so that harmony in the environment can be enhanced.

Application Of Feng Shui In Home To Attract Love The five elements referred to separate aspects such as wood, metal, fire, water, and earth which each has individual meanings related to different areas of our lives such as finances, health or relationships.

By strategically placing objects or plants related to each element in key places around the house one can strengthen aspects related to romantic love like passion or deep connection with someone special within similar areas that are involved with this specific element’s energies.

For example pink flowers placed near a window will bring warmth into an otherwise dull space while placing crystals around bedrooms can strengthen physical intimacy hence allowing greater opportunities for more passionate nights together.

Brief Look at Fundamentals of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is used to harmonize the physical environment with the spiritual realm. It is based on the twin principles of Yin and Yang which are two aspects of energy that exist in the universe – Yin being negative or passive energy while Yang represents positive or active energy. By using the principle of balance, Feng Shui practitioners can arrange their living and working spaces to promote health, fortune, and well-being.

Correct Health Energy Flow

One way that Feng Shui promotes good luck is through allowing a smooth flow of Chi (positive life force energy) to move throughout the home and its inhabitants. This means that furniture, lighting fixtures, plants, colors, etc., should be placed strategically in order for Chi to move freely about from room to room. Another important part of creating a healthy Chi flow includes removing any objects that block it such as clutter or misplaced furniture.

Maximize Love Positive Energy

When it comes to applying Feng Shui into a home with the purpose of creating successful love relationships this means placing objects in strategic locations based upon Bagua mapping, sunlight placement as well as dedicating certain rooms solely for romance activities such as bedrooms. For instance curating artwork such as red rose petals implying passion along with painting walls in complementary shades to create positivity is all part of maximizing potential good luck for true love.

Gaining Abundance & Luck

In Eastern philosophies wealth accumulation can be encouraged through practicing Feng Shui since having sufficient material possessions allow for abundance, success and happiness in life. This can involve hanging mirrors on walls during sunrise facing west avoiding reflective surfaces towards bedroom windows whilst replacing slippery ceramic tiles with laminate wood flooring since these materials absorb better circulation allowing greater chances of luck and fortune.

Exploring Feng Shui For Love 2015 in Depth

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice dating back over 3,000 years. The practice focuses on the integration between mankind and their environment. It helps to achieve a harmonious balance within the space and create good fortune, relationships, health and happiness. When it comes to Feng Shui for Love 2015 further understanding can help create special romantic energies with either an existing or new partner.

The three principles of Feng Shui are:

  • Using natural elements such as color and light to bring a sense of serenity to your living area
  • Positioning items such as furniture in specific areas of the room based on geography
  • Incorporating symbols such as artwork which represent love, romance, togetherness and intimacy

When using Feng Shui For Love 2015 it’s important that the surroundings are inviting without being too cluttered or overwhelming. Vibrant colors should be used throughout balanced with calming accents in fabric choices and artwork. Add plants to the area but make sure that they are not overpowering. Incorporating other areas of your home such as dining rooms and bedrooms is particularly beneficial since having lovingly designed spaces tends to attract the same energy from those around us.

The most important element in implementing Feng Shui for Love 2015 is paying attention to corner positions also known as ‘gua’ locations which can be found by using a bagua map. These map locations pertain to different sectors of life including marriage, family, health, wealth and so on; each sector works as a focus point when trying to enhance romantic energy in our lives by helping bring deeper connection with ourselves and those we share our lives with.

Feng Shui Bedroom For Attracting Love

Utilizing the Power of the Five Elements in Relationships

Feng shui for love is a powerful tool that can be used to improve intimate relationships in 2015. The Chinese theory of Feng shui is based on the belief that an individual’s environment can affect their life and personal wellbeing. By using the power of the five elements – Earth, Wood, Fire, Water and Metal – it is possible to create balance in every aspect including love relationships.

Earth Element

The element of Earth focuses on stability and grounding. It is a powerful tool for creating a strong base for relationships, helping to manage personal boundaries in order to ensure that both partners are on the same page.

The Earth element should be utilized by improving your home environment with colors such as light yellow and beige which are said to bring peace and harmony. To attract more energy relating to the Earth element you may also want to decorate with objects made from natural materials such as stones or crystals.

Fire Element

The Fire element represents passion, energy and enthusiasm. If your relationship needs more passion this year then consider utilizing the power of Fire by engaging in activities such as trying new restaurants or activities together, incorporating red into your wardrobe or home décor or even burning incense such as sandalwood which is often associated with fiery passions.

Apart from these physical interactions, making sure communication between partners remains open and honest helps build trust within the relationship which is fundamental for rekindling any lost sparks.

Water Element

Using the water element encourages growth, resilience and flexibility within relationships by promoting communication in a calm yet effective way through respecting each partner’s opinions and feelings equally during disputes. In order to tap into this element you may want to incorporate blue accents into your home décor or paint an accent wall with shades of blue.

Adding an indoor fountain also encourages reflection which is beneficial when discussing matters concerning a relationship. Finally finding time for self-reflection helps one identify potential problems and fixes them before they damage a relationship beyond repair.

Examining the Luck Cycles and Optimizing Your Chances

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of philosophy that helps people embrance the harmony and balance of nature for a more positive life. There is no better time to take stock of your own emotional space and assess the energy in your home than the beginning of the new year. So, if you are single and hoping for love this year, here are some tips to help to attract love in 2015 according to feng shui principles.

Personal Luck Cycles

When looking to attract love in 2015 through feng shui, it is important to have insight into personal luck cycles. These cycles exist on three different levels: annual, monthly and daily.

To begin with, consider when a person’s “Peak Luck” will be during the upcoming year – this is dependent upon whether they were born in a yin or yang year, during yin or yang month and on a particular yin or yang day. Knowing when good luck is due can help facilitate its manifestation through various means such as career and relationships.

Using Feng Shui Principles In The Home

Once someone has an idea of their luck cycles for 2015 and beyond it may then be possible start making changes within the home environment that will further help manifest positive energy which can bring forth such things as better health, increased wealth and successful relationships. First off, fresh plants should be added to promote vitality and oxygenation while enhancing clarity in one’s thoughts enabling them make logical decisions in finding love this year.

Additionally, bedroom clutter should be eliminated in order to optimize feelings of serenity allowing quality sleep essential for clear mindedness when interacting with potential partners Consequently empty areas or open spaces should not remain unattended,as this deprives the area of vibrant energy created by objects like candles or even scents all designed purposely to inspire passionate affections should someone visit the room.

Enhancing Your Entryway

Finally there is another element within one’s home that caries much significance when it comes attracting romantic companionship based upon feng shui principles – The front porch or entryway Initially any obstacles blocking easy access into one’s abode must fixed. Such obstructions might include uneven steps, broken pavement cracks etc ; essentially anything creating challenge escorting guests into one’s private space creates negative vibes throughout property possibly repelling them from overstaying.

Secondly two separate chairs placed outside area allows couple perch themselves calmly while engaging deep dialogue important when meeting potential admirers Lastly using lighter fabrics generating warmth conveys sense hospitality inviting guests feel welcomed make brief stay memorable leaving longing return happier times :

  • Personal Luck Cycles
  • Using Feng Shui Principles In The Home
  • Enhancing Your Entry Way

Examining the Power of Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra or the ancient science of structure is a means to promote positive energy in any environment. In modern times it has been adopted as ‘Feng Shui’ and used to bring love, luck, health and prosperity into one’s life. By understanding the laws that govern this ancient art, we can align our home environments with balance of yin and yang energies.

Feng Shui Colors for Bedroom for Love

Using Vastu shastra for love requires an understanding of two basic concepts: complimentarity and balance. Complementing energies attract each other – such as male (yang) and female (yin). Balance means bringing both energies together in a serene way so that they are not competing against each other. This will bring more harmony into your relationships.

The following are some Feng Shui tips on how to incorporate Vastu principles into your home for creating an ambience conducive for attracting love in 2015:

  • Add elements like plants, candles, soft lighting etc which represent fire, water, earth and wood elements as these can create an energizing atmosphere.
  • Put two pink cushions on the sofa which symbolise mutual affection.
  • Position pictures representing relationships or couples in your bedroom.
  • Paint your front door pink or use a heart shaped doorknocker.
  • Hang wind chimes or bells at the entrance of your house or balcony as they promote harmony.
  • Place red crystals around your bedroom or office space to increase uplifting energy around love and relationships.

In order to benefit from these Feng Shui techniques for bringing love in 2015 it is important to understand their origin and application correctly while keeping a balance between both yin (female) and yang (male) energies in space. We need to work with them rather than against them. Good luck.

Understanding the Advantages of Personalized Consultations

Most couples seek the expertise of a Feng Shui consultant when they are looking to improve their relationships. Getting an understanding of how energy impacts your home environment can help individuals design and promote balance and harmony in their lives.

A Feng shui consultation is meant to provide individuals with a personalized assessment of their home. That’s why it is important for each person to understand the advantages of literally having someone walk through their home, experienced with the nuances of love and its relationship to Feng Shui.

In a personal consultation, you get a much more comprehensive overview of your home environment than just reading an online article or blog about Feng Shui. An expert will be able to notice subtleties like excess clutter that might be affecting energy flow in the bedrooms, or chipped paint on walls that need to be repainted.

Clients might be making simple, but disruptive mistakes while trying to practice good energy hygiene such as overcrowding furniture or placing beds too close together in the bedroom without being aware of how this impacts them emotionally as a couple. A one-on-one consultation enables experts to provide much-needed additional education and help people make precise changes within each sector relevant in helping promote balanced energies beneficial for romance and inner peace.

Direct consulting offers a great advantage in terms of convenience for clients who would prefer not having sharing their personal spaces over videos or photos over the internet with people they don’t know personally.

For those active believers who desire Yang energies that stimulate communication between partners, being conscious about colors being used throughout specific areas should be approached with caution so one isn’t overpowering negative energies coming from control elements such as fire and metal – something easily taught by consultants through clear examples found around in each client’s home.

Consultations also foster deeper conversations between partners bringing them closer together during these visits, creating stronger bonds allowing couples vibe from the positive intentions behind all that they wish for out of each other. One can preview what certain types of enhancements might mean for the ‘big picture’ motivations behind wanting better love vibes within his/her space before making any commitment towards investing money into expensive renovations that may end up not accomplishing anything.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese method for energizing and balancing the environment to create harmony and peacefulness. It can also be used to attract positive energy in relationships, making it a great tool for boosting love – luck for those looking for love or trying to build strong, meaningful relationships.

Using feng shui to promote love comes down to understanding each partner’s unique energy and how it affects their space. This means that one might adjust the position of furniture, artwork, and colors in order to better fit the individuals involved. For example, displaying warm colors that evoke power such as red can bring clarity about what one needs in a relationship as well as helping them take charge of the situation.

Additionally, items or symbols that symbolize love and commitment such as pictures of couples or rings can encourage harmonious communication and connection between partners considering they are placed with careful consideration. Finally, by ensuring that there are no distractions such as unneccary gadgets or noises, couples are more likely to focus on conversations without any outside distractions getting in the way.

In 2015 being mindful and taking action when it comes to relationships is key toward success. By using Feng shui one is able create an environment in which true connection and communication can occur allowing for stronger bonds between two people who seek balance in their lives together. With dedication and effort it is possible to set the stage for enduring love throughout 2015 – take advantage of all the tools that Feng Shui has to offer.

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