Feng Shui Art For Entryway

Feng Shui Art for Entryways

Feng shui art is an important component of bringing balance and harmony to your home, particularly in the entryway. The entryway is the first thing visitors see when they enter your home, so it’s important to create a welcoming environment that both greets incoming friends and families, and improves the feng shui of your home.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using feng shui art for your entryway.

Choose calming colors:

When selecting artwork for your entryway, don’t choose bright and bold colors as these will be too overwhelming and can create a chaotic energy in the space. Instead, opt for calming colors such as blues and greens. Soft earth tones and neutrals such as whites and grays can also be great for creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Choose meaningful artwork:

Think about the message you want to your visitors to take away from your artwork. Choose meaningful artwork that reflects your values and beliefs, or artwork that simply portrays a positive message or idea. You can also choose artwork that represents your cultural background, such as Native American art or Asian art.

Hang artwork at the right height:

When hanging artwork in your entryway, make sure to hang your artwork at the right height. Artwork that is too low can create a heavy energy in the space and can overwhelm your visitors. Artwork that is too high can create a feeling of disconnection and be intimidating. Generally, the optimal height is between eye level and forehead level.

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Include mirrors:

Mirrors are a great tool to use when incorporating feng shui in your entryway. Mirrors allow you to take advantage of the energy of the entryway and make it brighter and more spacious. Place a large mirror in the entryway to create a sense of openness, or hang multiple small mirrors to create a reflective atmosphere.

Be intentional:

When selecting feng shui artwork for your entryway, make sure to be intentional with your choices. Choose artwork that speaks to you, and that reflects the energy you want to welcome into your home. Pay attention to the size and shape of your artwork and make sure the size isn’t too overwhelming for the space.

By following these tips and selecting meaningful artwork, you can create a beautiful and inviting entryway that reflects the energy of your home and brings balance and harmony.

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