Feng Shui Aquarium in Living Room


Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on harmonizing one’s living environment, has long been associated with aquariums. These tanks are believed to help nurture peace and prosperity within a space by providing balance and positivity to the home. One of the most popular locations for feng shui aquariums is the living room, where they can act as stunning centerpieces and generate calming energy within the area. When considering incorporating a feng shui aquarium into your living room, it’s important to follow some fundamental guidelines in regards to location, size, color, and symbolism.

Location should be carefully considered when introducing a feng shui aquarium into your living space. This is because both its position and placement within the room should be in alignment with the main door of your house. To do this accurately requires understanding the concept of bagua–a diagram that divides an area into different sections based on Feng Shui principles–and finding out which section of the bagua is represented by your specific door or entryway. After discovering this direction, you must then figure out where its opposite lies in order to place your tank equidistant from both points.

Not surprisingly, aquarium size is another important factor when setting up a tank according to Feng Shui standards. It is preferred that tank capacities hold no more than nine fish per 25 liters of water, as this number will bring good fortune without overwhelming someone with too many occupants at once. Selecting colors wisely when designing an aquarium setup is also key as they play an integral role in generating energy throughout a space. For example, having blues and greens present will symbolize life cycles; meanwhile incorporating metal elements such as goldfish or silverfish can promote wealth and success in one’s life.

By following these essential principles when deciding how to incorporate a Feng Shui aquarium into your living room you can ensure everyone feels at ease within its tranquil environment while connecting with others in colorful harmony.

Understanding the Benefits

The practice of Feng Shui dates back to ancient Chinese tradition, bringing a sense of harmony to the environments around us. To create this calming atmosphere in a living room or family space, consider installing a Feng Shui aquarium. This decorative feature can add a soothing focus to the room without taking up much space. It is said that the gentle ripple of water brings a quiet energy and helps add balance to the home environment.

Filling your aquarium with colorful fish can help bring positivity and brightness into the home as well. Incorporating plants into your aquatic design can also provide additional decor while creating an ecosystem for your fish to thrive. The vegetation will help keep water clean and filtered naturally, requiring less maintenance for you over time. Additionally, by adding rocks and other decorations throughout the tank, it can truly be made unique and special depending on one’s tastes!

Feng Shui aquariums are not only aesthetically pleasing but can also bring positive energy flow into any home setting. Besides being an eye-catching centerpiece in any living room, studies have shown that watching fish swim around in their tanks have a calming effect on its viewers – making it particularly great for people dealing with anxiety or stress issues. Thus, having a feng shui aquarium installed has many potential benefits including reduced feelings of stress due to tranquil movement of water plus color which brings good vibes as well as prosperity into one’s home environment!

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Preparing the Aquarium

When beginning to set up a Feng Shui Aquarium in the living room, it is important to select the right tank size and layout. Consider how much space you have available and invest in a tank that fits properly. Ensure that the color of the tank does not interfere with the plants, furniture, and sunlight that is already present in the room. Selecting fish for the aquarium is also a very important step. Choosing fish that are peaceful and non-aggressive will help create positive energy inside your home. Additionally, there should be an equal balance between male and female fish to form proper social interactions inside of the aquarium. When picking out different species, opt for less active types at first – this will make it easier to monitor everyone’s health. Lastly, research each type of fish so that you can provide them with an adequate diet and proper care!


When selecting the best type of decorations for a Feng Shui aquarium in the living room, it is essential to remember that this practice is all about creating harmony and balance in a space. Two main steps are important when decorating – the selection of plants, stones, and other accessories followed by their placement within the tank. When choosing plants for a Feng Shui aquarium, curved shapes should be selected to create graceful movement in the water. This could include items such as driftwood wrapped with Anubias or Java moss if desired. Classic choices of foreground ferns, Pygmy Chain Sword, and various types of aquatic grass also work well. Stones should be chosen with idea placement spots in mind as they can help channel energy where needed. Common stones used are quartz and black tourmaline, but any stones that have a smooth surface with interesting shapes may be used as long as they stay above pH 7. Other accents such as shells and ceramic decorations may also be added to break up large, empty areas while providing more hiding spaces for fish. Once everything has been decided upon and bought, you can begin arranging them within your tank to maximize aesthetic appeal while adhering to ancient principles of Feng Shui! When placing all elements within the tank put extra thought into how light moves through each section creating shadows on certain areas – this is a prime opportunity for creativity! Each arrangement should be done with intention; imagine a peaceful scene like running river rocks around an island sheltering two beautiful cherry red dwarf gouramis sharing their home with several sparkling rasboras reflecting peacefully in your living room.

Care and Maintenance

In order to keep your Feng Shui Aquarium in the living room looking its best and providing optimal health for its aquatic inhabitants, it’s important to take some basic steps for care and maintenance.

Aquarium tanks require regular cleaning as debris such as decaying plants and nitrates from fish waste build up over time. It is important to install a powerful filter that includes bio-filtration media to help break down these harmful impurities. A filter should also be powerful enough to cycle at least two times the total volume of water in your tank per hour; otherwise, toxic wastes can quickly overwhelm beneficial bacteria in your aquarium environment. Weekly water changes should also be done, replacing 10-20% of existing water with fresh, pre-treated tap water. When changing the water level it is important to avoid disturbing any decorations or gravel layers in the tank which could cause stress for the fish. Lastly, feeding schedules must be followed strictly based on your particular species’ needs; too much food can lead to an unbalanced ecosystem with algae blooms and other unhealthy results. Following these general tips will ensure that your Feng Shui Aquarium is kept clean and healthy for years of enjoyment.

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Benefits of Feng Shui Aquariums

Having a feng shui aquarium in the living room provides numerous positives that can improve the overall energy of a home. It helps bring an element of relaxation and natural beauty to the room, creating a calming atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding after a long day. Water is also associated with prosperity, which is why keeping such an item in the home can help bring in wealth and good luck. Since it promotes mindfulness, having an aquarium in your living room can help spark creativity and enhance productivity. Taking a few moments to watch the fish move gracefully around the tank can be quite therapeutic; soothing away the stresses of modern life and providing the opportunity to reconnect with nature despite being indoors. Additionally, aquascaping provides countless design possibilities and allows one to express their unique style while turning it into a work of art. Lastly, it pairs nicely with indoor plants to purify the air and create an overall pleasant environment. All these benefits are what makes having a Feng Shui Aquarium in your bedroom so beneficial, making it well worth considering if you’re looking to inject beauty and balance into your living space.


Overall, keeping a Feng Shui Aquarium in your living room can be a beneficial and aesthetically pleasing choice. Positively, it can bring more energy and life into the house, promote focus and clarity, as well as improve relationships with family members. It is also an easy way to add color, life, and movement to any living space. However, there are some drawbacks like costs associated with maintaining the aquarium or difficulties posed by compatibility issues between fish species, as well as restrictions on space when placing the tank. Despite this, a Feng Shui Aquarium could still be incredibly beneficial for those looking to bring more peace and harmony into their home.

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