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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that seeks to bring balance and harmony into one’s home, environment and life. Color plays a big role in this practice as it’s believed to affect the flow of qi or energy through the house. Every color carries its own symbolism and meaning, each with varying effects on your home’s atmosphere. In 2021 and 2022, different colors are associated with various energies that can be used to enhance certain aspects of your life such as creativity, relationships and health. In this article we will talk about Feng Shui 2022 colors and how they can help you create positive energy in your home in years to come.

When thinking about Feng Shui 2022 colors, there are a few key elements to consider. Red is considered an auspicious color for the year because it symbolizes fire which can bring warmth and protection. Orange carries energy that promotes healing while yellow signifies wealth and luck. Blue brings calming energy while green attracts growth; both these shades can be used to boost success in your career or business plans this year. Finally, use white shades such as ivory, cream or eggshell to bring balance into all areas of life.

Using these Feng Shui colors for the upcoming year can help make lasting changes for the better within your home. Focus on combining several base hue’s along with subtle accent colors within the same color family to get the most out of each one’s influence throughout the house. Accent pieces like throw pillows featuring the most suitable blues could promote harmonious relationships while pops of fiery red could provide just enough passion and excitement in areas wanting some extra zest in their lives! Don’t forget about textures too”choosing items made from materials associated with your desired element could unlock even more potential from incorporating them into your space!

Feng Shui Principles

Feng Shui 2022 colors are inspired by the original Chinese ideal of creating balance, harmony and a sense of well-being within one’s home. According to Feng Shui principles, colors have an effect on the energy flow in a space and harmonious colors will bring positive energy to an environment. For 2022, some of the most popular Feng Shui colors include bright shades of yellow, pink, red and orange as well as calming shades of blue and green. To create a personalized color palette that reflects your personal style and tastes while incorporating these energetic colors, there are several things you can do:

1. Incorporate dramatic décor pieces or artwork in vibrant colors to add drama or fun to a room. Think bright rugs, walls murals or accent pillows in shades such as fuchsia pink or jade green for a burst of bold color.

2. Balance out rich hues with light pastels for calming vibes”think pale yellows, soft blues and muted pinks.

3. Try mixing bright colors together for maximum impact”but be careful not to go overboard! Instead opt for splashes against lighter hues for subtle accents rather than overwhelming the entire room with a sea of bold tones.

4. Use metallics to give off both energy and glamour”try matte silvers combined with brighter hues such as sunshine yellow or periwinkle blue for an updated take on classic metallic décor pieces.

5. Finally don’t forget white; calm neutrals can also increase the positive energy in a space while still setting off pops of color!


Red is one of the most important Feng Shui colors for 2022 as it is associated with passion and energy. The different varieties of red ” from a bold, deep red to a muted pink-orange hue ” can be used to balance energies or encourage specific intentions. Deep red often symbolizes strength and determination, while muted orange-reds can inspire creativity and excitement. Scarlet red is often used to bring wealth and abundance while purple shades tend to represent wisdom and insight. It’s advantageous to use various tones of red throughout your home or workspace in order to stimulate different energies depending on your desired outcome. Red furniture, accessories, paint or artwork will create an overall energizing atmosphere that encourages focus and motivation for reaching goals. Additionally, this fiery hue stimulates digestion making it an ideal choice for kitchens or dining rooms for enhanced digestion during meals. Finally, incorporating red into your wardrobe will help to promote energy levels during work hours so you can stay focused on accomplishing tasks at hand.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors such as beiges, creams, and browns often take a backseat to more vibrant colors when it comes to choosing an interior color palette – but this should not be the case! Neutral colors are essential in Feng Shui design since they can create a sense of balance and stability for any interior space. These timeless hues will give your home a classic look that pairs well with almost any other color scheme. When used wisely and strategically, neutral colors can also help create positive energy and flow in the home.

Beiges, creams and browns can be used in a variety of ways in order to bring its timeless elegance into your home décor. It’s important to opt for lighter shades of these hues as they can easily brighten up dark or dreary spaces, while also providing contrast against vibrant accents. Beiges look great when used on walls or floors as they are able to make rooms appear larger than they actually are while making them feel warm and cozy. Creams and whites complement them perfectly, too, because they add contrast and lend an airy feel to the space ” perfect for creating serene environments like bedrooms or bathrooms. You may even consider introducing wooden floors or furniture in various shades of brown; doing so will add texture to otherwise lackluster areas and inject warmth into the atmosphere.

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Grays and Yellows

Feng Shui is an ancient practice of placing objects in the home to create a harmonious flow of positive energy. 2022 colors for Feng Shui suggest incorporating grays and yellows in the home. Soft shades of gray can be used as soothing neutrals in any space, while bright yellow accents can be used to bring cheerful vibes. Using smaller accent items such as throw pillows, rugs, lamps and artwork, these colors will work to give your home a more balanced and balanced look overall. Combined with a few earthy shades such as browns, tans and taupes, a light and airy palette can be achieved that encourages relaxation and clarity. Add a splash of blue or green as well to incorporate a few water elements into your color scheme. With this roster of colors working together you should find your home feeling inviting and peaceful all year round.

Bold Colors

The use of bold colors in Feng Shui 2022 is said to bring prosperity. Bright and vibrant shades will be featured prominently, symbolizing the power and drive of those born in this year. Radiant hues such as oranges, reds, and yellows may be used to represent good luck, success in endeavors, and new beginnings. Furthermore, they may also accentuate existing blue or green décor that are already established in a room to stimulate creative thinking and positive energy flow. Colorful artwork can also be strategically placed throughout the home for additional energy boosts and good vibes. Natural stones like quartz or jade can even be used as an invaluable component in this approach as they are believed to possess profound healing powers. By using brighter tones along with color psychology together with natural stones, a person can promote health and balance both physically and spiritually within his or her interior environment so there is no doubt that Feng Shui 2022 will put a strong emphasis on injecting bold color into your home!


The use of metallic accents in Feng Shui can help create balance and harmony within your home. There are various ways to utilize this tool, such as through furniture, decorating pieces, and artwork. Metallic finishes such as silver, gold, or even rose gold can be effectively utilized by accenting door frames, windowsills and even mirror frames. You can also make a bold statement with LEDs to truly capture the ambiance of your space. Additionally, utensils such as pots or dishes in golden or silver hues can contribute to the continuity of the space. Metals used for interior design have been known to create both calming and energized environments depending on how they are implemented into the design overall. That being said, when selecting specific metal shades you’ll want to make sure they carefully correlate with the rest of your color palette in order to enhance a sense of flow and peace. Careful thought should also be given to the size and shape of these objects as well when making a selection for maximum impact. Utilizing metals with rich textures will ensure a smooth display of metals across different aspects of your home or office without overwhelming your environment. Finally, metals are known for their durability so if you choose to apply them throughout your decorating efforts then you’re sure to enjoy the use of them for many years down the road.


The use of green tones in feng shui for 2022, can bring about a range of benefits for individuals in their homes and businesses. Primarily, the color green is associated with nature and growth – both, of course, are very desirable outcomes when it comes to creating harmony in one’s space. By decorating with greens, you’re inviting more balance as well as a greater connection with the outdoors into your home or business. Furthermore, because green is considered a refreshing, calming color that draws upon the power of nature it can help to reduce stress levels in those that inhabit the space.

Green colors also have a range of other related benefits when utilized correctly in feng shui for 2022. Studies show that having green tones present helps improve mental clarity and focus which can assist with work productivity. This color can also help heal emotional wounds by providing a sense of safety and security; it brings about feelings of tranquility which can be extremely beneficial for those who are going through difficult times or simply could use a little bit extra comfort during everyday life. Finally, since this color evokes natural energy and promotes hope, it is said to be especially welcoming to new beginnings – great news then for those who wish to manifest new changes in their lives! All these combined qualities make the use of green tones within feng shui 2022 aspirations an incredibly intelligent choice.


The color blue has long been known to reflect peaceful and calming energy. This is why it’s a great choice for any environment that needs to develop calmness and tranquility, such as bedrooms or meditation spaces. Blues also evoke feelings of trust, which is beneficial in bathrooms or meeting rooms where important conversations are expected to take place. In Feng Shui 2022, there are several shades of blue that can provide relaxation and stress relief no matter what type of space you have available. Deep blues create feelings of security while lighter shades tend to be more energizing. Sky blues allow natural light to brighten the room, which will bring positive vibes into whatever area you choose to use them. To complete the look, use accessories in lighter shades like turquoise or white so as not to overpower the space. Additionally, wet-looking materials like tiles and glassware can give a refreshing feel in any room with blue walls and help create an inviting space!

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Purple shades in Feng Shui are uplifting and stimulating, promoting creativity and healing. In 2022, using different shades of purple in your home can be very beneficial. You’ll be surprised at the potential in these mysterious hues! Consider painting walls a deeper eggplant color or even use lighter lavender accents, such as throw pillows or rugs. The possibilities are endless ” including a wide variety of accessories to bring the color into your decor. Additionally, adding bright shards of amethyst to otherwise mundane items instantly brings a special allure to any space. If you really want to take advantage of the calming vibe of purple, incorporate them into areas you need personal reflection and healing ” like bedrooms and offices ” but do not overlook its other properties when used in communal spaces like the living room or dining area. Highlighting Feng Shui purples throughout your home is a great way to make it more lively in the new year!

Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Home

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of creating and maintaining a harmonious flow of energy throughout our homes, offices, and gardens. A key component in feng shui is choosing the right colors to create balance and positivity in the space. This is especially important as we transition into the new year. Each color has its own unique properties that have different effects on a home depending on their placement. For 2022, some of the most popular feng shui colors are blue, green, red, yellow, and purple.

Blue: Blue encourages mental clarity and peace within the home or office space. It represents loyalty, relaxation and renewal for humanity’s well-being. Painting a wall with a light blue hue or placing a blue rug in your living room will bring stability and tranquility to your surroundings.

Green: Green symbolizes growth and prosperity due to its connection with nature. Using this color to decorate the living room or bedroom will encourage new beginnings for your home life by providing it with positive energy from Mother Nature! Adding houseplants or even painting your walls green can bring you closer to natural elements while filling your home with life and abundance!

Red: Red brings courage, passion and determination through it’s vibrant tones which make it perfect for energizing any room! Whether it’s simply adding a few accent pieces or repainting an entire wall, utilizing this shade will add confidence to a space which leads to success in all areas of everyday life!

Yellow: Yellow facilitates communication through its lightheartedness along with joyous optimism that can be used to illuminate any dull area. Incorporating this color into a workspace will add productivity while encouraging collaborative ideas amongst team members. Adding these bright hues into your kitchen adds positivity as everyone gathers around during meal times full of laughter!

Purple: Last but certainly not least is purple which radiates magic as one of the most spiritual hues. Painting with deep purples can inspire intuition as well as heighten creativity levels within any environment when utilized correctly – making it perfect for yogi zen spaces! To show respect towards ones ancestors place photographs throughout the space surrounded by different shades of purple as an ode to their spirit’s sacred protection!


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on aligning the elements within a living space to create balance, clarity and joy. In 2022, Feng Shui colors will be particularly important. Certain colors that manifest positive energy, like yellow and pink, are believed to have calming yet stimulating effects. Neutral colors like light blue and green can also bring harmony and peace. Uplifting colors such as red, orange and purple help to open up the space and fill it with enthusiasm.

When embracing Feng Shui in your home this 2022 year, you should think about bringing in pops of color or painting walls in soothing tones. Decorating with art or plants to add vibrancy is another way to allow positive energy to fill the room. When choosing items for your home, stick to pieces that represent a certain aspect of your personality or what resonates with you spiritually for maximum effect and ambiance. Taking advantage of natural lighting is also an important part of Feng Shui décor that will help keep your home lively and inviting throughout the year. With some careful planning and thought-out design choices, your home can be transformed into a tranquil sanctuary where you will fall in love all over again!

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