Feng Shui 2011 Element


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to harmonize a person’s home and life by harnessing the power of the environment. It is based on the idea of ‘Chi’ or energy, and its main focus is creating balance and harmony in one’s space through carefully planning out the location of furniture and objects.

The New Year is often given special focus in Feng Shui, as it’s seen as a new time to start fresh and create balance. Each year has its own element associated with it, used to guide one’s Feng Shui practice to bring luck, health, wealth and overall well-being. The element for 2011 is metal; emphasizing organization and precision in decision making. It brings clarity, strength, discipline and structure to all aspects of life. Metal signifies an ability to achieve goals quickly when met with firm determination. It can also be associated with wealth, allowing positive energy (or Chi) to stimulate financial gain or success.

Exploring the 2011 Element

The 2011 element is Fire, and its influence can be seen in various aspects of our lives. On a physical level, the fire element brings an energy of movement and passion that we can learn to channel into constructive projects or activities. The energy of fire provides us with the confidence to take bold steps and unleash our creativity. This makes it an ideal time to invest in making costly investments, starting new projects, and taking on business initiatives which might have seemed too risky before.

Fire also activates our spiritual self, stimulating reflection and inner growth. This can lead to more meaningful experiences as individuals and help bring about change in many aspects of our lives. It is important to maintain a mindful balance between creative projects and rest so that these efforts bring about positive changes instead of burnout or chaos.

On an interpersonal level, the energy of fire helps dissolve emotional blocks caused by fear and insecurity. In this way it encourages us to become more tolerant of “the other”–be they friends, family members, partners or even strangers–and can lead to greater understanding among diverse groups in society including nationality or religion-based divides that seem impossible to bridge through traditional communication methods.

In Feng Shui 2011 element explorations it is important for practitioners to interact with others who understand fire not just as an energetic force but also as a source for warmth and connection which can bring about unity when treated with respect. With this understanding comes the possibility of embracing passionate people from all walks of life with understanding instead of judgment or prejudice; thereby allowing us use this powerful combination of elements safely without becoming destructive or adversely affected ourselves.

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Interpreting the Element

The Feng Shui 2011 Element is Metal. It is the energy of clarity, focus and practicality, and the energy of a cool Autumn day with its sometimes brisk but still transparent air. This element can help those working to achieve precision in their craft or profession, whether it be art, mathematics or any other discipline. The ideas for expressing its energy are endless and are only published here as examples.

The correct placement of Metal elements in one’s environment helps to create an atmosphere which allows for mental clarity and creativity as well as increased productivity. It also creates a space which supports communication or contact between different parties, with an effortless transmission of information. Objects associated with this element include mirrors, lamps, statues, trophies, clocks and furniture made from metal – all things that emphasize precise workmanship.

To take full advantage of this element’s abundant energy one should also consider colors such as white and light grays which further reduce clutter in the home or office environment allowing inspiration to flow naturally between people; establishing a balance between past actions and future endeavors!

Benefits of Using the Element

The 2011 element is Water. It brings forth a powerful flow of energy for its users and provides them with clarity, insight, creativity and self-reflection. Utilizing this element as part of your Feng Shui practice will bring about a renewed sense of well-being, focus, perspective and stability.

When it comes to personal success, incorporating the energies from the Water element can improve relationships and may bring forth clarity when making decisions or allow you to find balance in life. To use the Water element within your home or office space start by placing objects that have an affinity with water such as rocks shells, fountains and even candles. These can be placed in the west section of your space as this relates to communication and self-development. When it comes to business success, start applying some Yin and Yang principles via decorating your office or workspace with bright blues and deep greens that represent “incoming water” (Yin) which holds potential for growth/improvement in business/projects/attention that revolve around service-related areas (i.e., taking care of customer needs). Additionally, use lighting such as lamps rooted by bluish tinted glass to further spark intellectual creativity on all fronts when working on creative endeavors either alone or in groups . Lastly place items like fish tanks strategically throughout your space along with items with round surfaces (all these things signifies movement which aids creative fluidity). Doing so will help create harmony in any work environment.

Conjuring Positive Energy

Feng Shui 2011 has many opportunities for conjuring up positive energy. To begin, you’ll need to understand the element associated with this year: metal energy. Metal is associated with both creativity and clarity of purpose, which will help to create a harmonious atmosphere in your home or work environment.

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One way to encourage a healthy flow of metal energy within your space is to fill it with items made from metal. This could include wind chimes, fountains, bells, mirrors and other reflective objects, as well as sculptures made from precious metals such as gold and silver. You could also add natural crystals such as jade and quartz, which are believed to provide additional support for the positive energy emitted by metal objects.

Visualizing positive energy can be another powerful tool in establishing an optimal atmosphere. Try closing your eyes and imagining the room filled with creative yellow light radiating out of each object made from metal. As you settle into the positive vibes emanating from these items, breathe deeply and slowly while repeating mantras such as “I am surrounded by supportive creativity” or “I manifesting clear intentions in this space” . Visualizations like these can help cultivate a feeling of relaxation and peace that leads to greater clarity of purpose in life.


In review, the use of Feng Shui has been called upon to bring balance and harmony into our lives. The central focus of this practice is on energy, how it flows, and how we can maximize or block it in certain areas of our lives. In order to do this properly, we need to be aware of the different chakras – eight total centers that are connected to us spiritually. Each chakra is connected to a particular element and associated color, which represent the different energies by which we glean knowledge from within ourselves. We must learn how to bring balance and equilibrium into our entire being by understanding these energies and learning how to align them with complementary elements in our life.

Moreover, being conscious of the 2011 element for proper Feng Shui implementation is extremely just as critical for achieving optimal results. This element should be based on intuition and experience, as well as any theories read or heard about it. Different sources may have variations on what would best bring fortune or luck – whether it be metal, water, earth, fire, or wood – so experimenting in their combinations may provide additional insight into better Feng Shui practices. Ultimately our goal should be an open mind and heart when selecting an element for mastering Feng Shui techniques because each person has their own unique needs and conditions that may require several trials before finding one’s true path.

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