Dragon Feng Shui 2021

Introduction to Dragon Feng Shui

Dragon Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art, which is a form of geomancy. It lays out rules for proper placement of objects in the living space and office to promote prosperity and success. By harnessing the power of cosmic chi (energy) it is believed that harmony can be achieved in both physical and metaphysical elements of life. The understanding and application of Dragon Feng Shui dates back centuries; however, this tradition is still alive today, with practitioners consulted to best arrange an environment’s landscape, structures and decor.

The concept behind Dragon Feng Shui is heavily rooted in Taoist philosophy which states that our lives should be attuned with the natural rhythms of yin and yang, or masculine and feminine energy within the universe. It suggests that a balance between interior objects such as furniture, artwork and plants among other things, along with external elements such as landforms and bodies of water must all be taken into consideration to achieve harmony within a space. There are many aspects to consider when applying Dragon Feng Shui including the layout of rooms, where windows are placed in relation to furniture and even colours used for various decorations. Additionally, astronomical data such as dates for rituals should be reviewed carefully before making any changes as this could signify different outcomes over time. Practitioners are knowledgeable about many principles associated with Dragon Feng Shui; some also refer to their interpretation from ancient texts like Sun Tzu’s Art Of War.

Benefits of Introducing Dragon Feng Shui into Your Home or Office

Dragon Feng Shui is a unique mixture of traditional Chinese Feng Shui and the Chinese Zodiac. Incorporating Dragon Feng Shui into both your home and your office can bring many positive benefits, from enhanced wealth, health, partnership luck to boosted career opportunities. Some of these benefits include an increase in prosperity-related luck, success in work endeavors and improved relationships with family members and business partners. Additionally, by bringing more dragons into your life you may gain more authority, strength and power. Dragons are also known to aid with solving difficulties that come with running a business or even advancing your career. Furthermore, they are believed to provide protection against bad luck, negative energies, and thieves. As Dragon Feng Shui is based on the natural cycle of 12 Chinese zodiacs years, implementing this art can bring inner harmony between man and nature.

Understanding the 5 Elements of Dragon Feng Shui

Dragon Feng Shui 2021 is all about utilizing the energies of the five Chinese elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water—to help you make the most out of each zodiac year. Each element has its own unique set of qualities that can be used to harness and maximize positive energy in your home and life.

Wood – The Wood element represents growth and generally symbolizes organic matters such as plants, trees and flowers. It also symbolizes family relationships and any forms or sources that provide us with support, nourishment and care. Decorating with living things such as plants can create an energy that encourages optimism and hope.

Fire – The Fire element is a representation of empowerment, passion, joy and courage. It’s about creating a space for yourself to relax without the constraints of daily life, enabling clarity of mind to start making better decisions in your life. To use this element some suggestions would be adding artwork full of intense colors like reds, oranges or yellowish-oranges on the walls or using candles within your home to bring warmth into the atmosphere.

Earth – The Earth element encourages understanding through stability. By optimizing this aspect in your environment it can bring balance which often provides a peaceful effect allowing for focused contemplation. Incorporating warm tones like browns or tans in furniture pieces that are grounded will invoke a sense of harmony throughout the space while adding raw textural elements like wood or stone brings a unique authenticity to any space.

Metal – The element of metal has an association with strength and protection, representing resilience in one’s character while making progress towards goals both big or small in size when correctly utilized. Additionally having metal fixtures produces clean lines provide structure within chaotic environments helping create organization that brings focus on our interactions with others moving forward it’s possible future goals we laid out before ourselves as well as achieving greater efficiency when working towards said objectives due to improved workflow processes surrounding environments prioritizations thus bringing forth greater functionality from day to day lives .

Water – This fifth element is symbolic for creativity and its constant ability to take on different forms depending on its surroundings. Water can flow around objects without causing disruption since mental concepts tend to challenge more rigidly ingrained patterns freeing up possibility for innovation instead keeping people stuck behind molds created by past repetitions of same habits early adversity being a prime example for how much influence patterns thoughts have on our current situations currently which this aspect tackles head-on via providing means relaxation enabling new ideas come forth from nothing motions steady responsive shifts intended revitalize stagnant plumbing systems much water metaphors available unfortunately correct application requires knowledge skilllevel accessible either lot study pleasure adventure exploration probably something topic could spend lifetime not regretting effort putted trying wholeheartedly unlocking true potential essence this lucky five energetics if don’t already please explore great depths meanings connections receive those already understand celebrate gains improve continuously magnificently 5E dragons!

Feng Shui Patio Colors

Tips for Applying Dragon Feng Shui

Dragon Feng Shui is based on the traditional Chinese philosophy of feng shui, with a few differences. Similar to the traditional practice, it stresses the importance of balancing energy in one’s home, but it does this through more specific practices such as color selection, placement, and orientation.

One way to apply Dragon Feng Shui in your home is direction. It is important to consider where one faces when entering a room since orientation can affect chi flow and Chi energy regulation. Facing east when entering a room can bring in great life-forwarding fortunes while south may bring stagnancy or capture bad luck. Placement also plays an important role in achieving the desired effects and should be determined according to how many doors are present and how much natural light enters the space.

Additional considerations for applying Dragon Feng Shui involve color selection and elements. Colors such as green, red, blue and purple carry special meaning since they support families and nourish lucky energy vibes.; utilizing at least one of these colors can help reform relationships between family members so that harmony reigns in the home. Additionally, making sure each room has all five elements (Earth/Wood, Fire/Red, Metal/Gold , Water/Black , Air/Sky) helps balance energies; each element will be represented differently depending on where it is placed but all five need to be included nonetheless. Together these tips will ensure positive chi flow within your home spaces!

Benefits of Setting up a 2021 Dragon Feng Shui Map

A 2021 Dragon Feng Shui Map is an excellent way to take advantage of opportunities afforded by the energies created in the Year of the Metal Ox. The map will help to create new pathways to success and inner peace. It also has the potential to reduce physical, mental, and emotional stress, resulting in improved overall wellbeing.

Setting up a 2021 Dragon Feng Shui Map can bring many positive benefits to you and your home. It can open up new avenues of luck and prosperity in various aspects of life, from attracting wealth and abundance, to improving your health and relationship status. You can also use it as a powerful tool for self-discovery as it helps you gain insight into your true higher purpose. The energy created by setting up this map can even foster a sense of peace and harmony with yourself and others, allowing for greater connection with those around you. Additionally, it serves as a vehicle for reducing tension that may be lingering in your environment due to the turbulent times we are facing today. Furthermore, implementing Feng Shui design principles into your space helps create clear intentions on which actions you wish to take. By simply embracing these techniques you not only invite more good fortune but will ultimately feel more energized and inspired in your day-to-day life.

Review of the Five Essential Feng Shui Dragon Rules

The five essential Feng Shui dragon rules cover:

1. Positioning the Dragon – It is important to place dragon images and artifacts such as a Dragon clock, Dragon mirror, or a statue of a Chinese water dragon in an area that promotes good energy flow in the home or office. This is often the east or southeast sections of your living space.

2. Activation of Power – To invoke the power of the Dragon, place it facing nine coins strung together on a red string which will activate immense and powerful energy throughout the year ahead.

3. Use of Colors – Pay attention to using colors wisely when arranging your dragon statues and items around your house. Red is one of the most common color choices to activate maximum good luck and fortune during Chinese New Year.

4. Lucky Charms – Adorn your house and workplace with favorable symbols like coins for wealth, fu for abundance and prosperity and pixius for career success to increase overall positive chi energies.

5. Ray of Hope – Place an image or copy of the ancient Chinese talisman known as Liu Li at the main entrance or front door to invite peace, harmony, protection and blessings into your home, office ,or workspace

2021 Dragon Feng Shui

Dragon Feng Shui can be used to your advantage in 2021, a year that many believe will hold more potential than ever before. This ancient Chinese practice is based on the idea that good luck and fortune can be attracted by arranging objects and furniture around the home according to certain principles. By making minor changes to one’s environment and following the rules of Feng Shui, a person’s luck can be greatly improved.

Feng Shui Information

The primary tool used for Dragon Feng Shui is the five element theory. This consists of five energies (Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal) which are seen as representatives of life force and should be arranged in order of strength within your home or other spaces. For instance, Fire energy should be placed at the center, for it is considered to be the strongest energy source. Care must also be taken to ensure that these elements are kept balanced in order to prevent them from creating negative energies. One should also take into account their personal zodiac sign when going about designing the interior of their home. Each zodiac sign has its own specific needs when it comes to Feng Shui layout and adjustments should be made accordingly.

In addition to decorating one’s space using the five elements, there are certain symbols which may help attract greater luck and fortune in 2021 as well. The dragon symbol can bring protection against bad luck while Tai Ji (or Yin Yang) brings harmony between two extreme forces. Colorful representations of fish or Kun symobls can bring abundance in wealth while crane symbols represent health and longevity for all who enter a space with this mascot present. Regardless of which items you choose to add or subtract from your living spaces, make sure that it works best for you!

Symbolic Objects to Invite Dragons into Your Life

Dragon Feng Shui 2021 is the perfect practice for welcoming dragons into your life so that you can access the riches and prosperity they bring. To get started, it’s important to consider what objects would symbolize the dragon energy in order to invite them into your space. One of the most popular dragon items is a figurine. This can be placed strategically in different parts of your home as a powerful representation of this meaningful Chinese astrological symbol. To further enhance and direct the energy into specific areas, placing five-element coins near the figurine can be beneficial. These represent the elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water which help to activate and direct positive energies throughout your home or workspace. For those seeking wealth and success, a treasure ship figurine also provides helpful opportunities for prosperity-seeking energy to directed through your home or office. Moreover, using things like incense with citrus or sandalwood scents releases an enticing smell for dragons finding their way inside as well as offering calming aromatherapy benefits for humans! All of these items combined will create a harmonious environment for inviting in draconic energy so that one can experience its many gifts.


Dragon Feng Shui has provided many benefits in 2021 by helping to bring good luck, excellent health, abundance and success into the lives of many. As the Year of the Ox comes to an end, it is important to take advantage of any remaining opportunities which this ancient Chinese practice provides. Practicing Dragon Feng Shui can be a powerful way to attract luck, raise your energy levels and heal your soul. It is also possible to leverage these tools for personal, professional and spiritual growth in 2021.

By taking the advice of master Dragon experts such as Ba Zi or Xuan Kong Da Gua practitioners, you have been able to learn more about yourself and gain a clear understanding of your current life situation based on energy readings taken from natural sources such as moon cycles and the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These readings help to provide guidance on what steps should be taken for goals such as career advancement or creating harmonious relationships with family members. Additionally, Dragon Feng Shui principles can guide individuals towards choosing appropriate colors for their living spaces that will generate greater positive energy flow throughout their environment. In addition to improving prosperity levels at home and work, Dragon Feng Shui can be applied as a general form of healing by using colors or symbols associated with good fortune that is projected onto individuals or spaces. Finally, choosing auspicious dates or dedicating actions towards a period which invites the best potential outcomes are examples of how one can employ this system when making decisions that promote abundance in all forms.

Using the power of Dragon Feng Shui in 2021 has been beneficial for many people who are striving for long-term harmony and balance in life; however, it is important to remember that consulting master Astrologers who specialize in this area should always be done before attempting practices such as hanging charms or burning incense on one’s own. Following expert advice from knowledgeable professionals ensure that any attempt at de-stabilizing negative energies yields positive results based on individual circumstances verses universal solutions that may not benefit those seeking help from this ancient Chinese method of promoting good fortune.

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