Dog Feng Shui 2021


Dog Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of harmonizing the energy within a home or environment. It is believed that by placing certain objects in certain places, one can create a balance of positive energy which will bring joy and success. Dog Feng Shui dates back over 5,000 years and is based on the five elements (fire, water, earth, metal and wood), the eight trigrams from the I-Ching (Yin and Yang), and many other theories found in Chinese philosophy.

The main goal of Dog Feng Shui is to create an environment where people feel comfortable, relaxed and inspired. By bringing harmony between man and nature one can increase happiness and prosperity for everyone living within the home.

Its practices involve understanding more about the specific layout of each room; for example which direction it faces in order to gain an understanding of how to make use of the natural energies available. Using this knowledge placement of furniture, art work, decoration pieces and secret symbols are used to make sure that different energies are achieving balance throughout space. Although there are general principles that can be applied universally its true power comes from its ability to be tailored to individual needs through taking into consideration their likes/dislikes as well as certain personal dynamics at play within the family unit or wider circle.

Having an awareness about what our environment could bring us has been proven to increase levels of productivity, happiness as well as a connection with those around us exponentially making it worthwhile doing research into what dog feng shui could offer ourselves or our loved ones.

The Basics of Dog Feng Shui

Dog Feng Shui 2021 is a holistic approach to understanding one’s inner self in order to create harmony and balance within the environment. The main elements of practice are a combination of symbolic representations, the five directions and their associated attributes, applied to personal lives. Symbolism of Dog Feng Shui reflects concepts that connect us with nature including the seasons, health, personal life-spans, year of birth and celestial phenomena. Additionally animal symbolism such as dogs represent loyalty, vitality and courage often used for protection from evil or bad luck.

The five directions used in Dog Feng Shui include East/Green/Wood (new beginnings, growth), South/Red/Fire (fulfillment in joy & passion), West/White/Metals (expression & communication) North/Black/Water (intuition & wisdom) and Center/Yellow/Earth (family & community). Each of the five directions has an associated element associated with the Yin or Yang energy profile.

Usages for Dog Feng Shui range from improving physical conditions such as wealth, cultivating good luck to providing support during difficult times or obstacles ahead. Practitioners create individualized adjustments according to year of birth; making any necessary renovations intended to restore balance between Yin & Yang energies while creating favorable outcomes. In addition to physical components practitioners may use mantras with visualizations in order to intensify desired results presented by arranging stones, furniture placement and more.

The Best Practices for 2021

Dog Feng Shui is the practice of bringing positive energy into a home and creating harmony between humans and their canine companions.

When it comes to dog Feng Shui, colors, materials, and shapes play an important role in creating harmony. For example, blues and greens are calming colors that can help reduce stress for dogs. Wood can bring an element of warmth to a space, while metal can create strength and protection. Additionally, round corners on furniture create softer lines which provide comfort for both humans and pets alike. Geometric shapes like squares draw energy from all directions which may help bring balance to a chaotic space.

Feng Shui House Bedrooms

It’s important to be mindful of how your choice of colors, materials, and shapes affect both you and your dog’s wellbeing. You may want to include plants in your home to promote better air quality as well as incorporate some natural elements such as rocks or crystals into your design. Keeping items off the floor can help reduce clutter and distractions around your pup too ” when there is less chaos in the room they will be more likely to relax. For extra luck with the latest dog Feng Shui trends of 2021, display vertical lines with striped bedding or artwork to increase energy flow throughout the space. Good luck!

Understanding the Five Elements & How It Applies to Dog Feng Shui

The five elements of dog Feng Shui are an integral part of understanding and providing for the needs of both your physical and mental wellbeing. It is these five elements that form the foundation for creating harmony within yourself and your environment. Each element carries its own individual attributes, so being aware of how they interact with each other can help to bring balance and peace into your life.

Fire is associated with zeal, passion, strength and warmth. Fire elements often help us to take action, be creative, and make decisions. This means dogs with fire-type personalities may enjoy new challenges or engaging in novel activities such as agility training or scent work. Earth embodies the energies of stability, nourishment and patience – values which are beneficial for all dogs but especially those who require extra tenderness and understanding. Metal brings success, motivation and hard work, often fostering a strong desire for excellence in dogs that respond to tasks within structure boundaries or only respond to higher reward incentives such as food puzzle toys or tug toys. Water is associated with emotions such as intuition and gentleness; using these traits can benefit fearful or timid dogs who may need more time to settle into a new routine or fear changes in their environment. Lastly Wood produced energy encourages growth, creativity, adaptability and perseverance; this energy helps owners develop patient coaching skills when working through behavioural issues as well as developing trust between themselves and their dog.

Decorate Your Home with Props That Promote Balanced Chi

One way to practice Dog Feng Shui in 2021 is to decorate your home with props that promote balanced Chi. This could include furniture and art pieces such as modern tables, chairs, bookcases and shelves, as well as paintings and sculptures with clean lines and neutral colors. Mirrors should be placed strategically to bring the power of Yin into balance with Yang energies. Plants and flowers are great for further enhancing your house’s atmosphere. The use of natural plant life brings a bright energy that symbolizes growth, harmony, and peace. Green plants can help lift your spirit while also cleaning up stale air inside the home. Other colored flowers ” reds and oranges are believed to promote luck, while pink orpurple offer romantic vibes ” create a pleasant atmosphere full of positive emotions. Placing them throughout the house can clear away any negative energy in the same room.

Meditation & Balance Space for Harmonizing Your Dogs Energy

When using dog feng shui in order to harmonize your dog’s energy, it is important to create a peaceful and balanced space. A great way to do this is by dedicating some time to meditation with your dog, as well as guided visualization techniques that can help align their inner energies with the environment. During meditation, simply focus on allowing your breath and your pet’s breath to synchronize and direct the chi of the environment into alignment. Through guided visualizations, you can set intentions for what energies you want for your dog in their home and life. Visualize each space being filled with light, love, security and freedom. You might also choose to chant certain affirmations or express gratitude for the beautiful relationship you share with your beloved pet. By creating this mindful atmosphere of positivity around your four-legged companion, the healing energies will begin to balance out any discordant or negative forces affecting them.

Bedroom Feng Shui Home

Tips for Creating Positive Chi in Your Home with Your Dog

Food: Feeding your dog a healthy diet is essential for creating positive chi in the home. As with humans, what we eat has a profound effect on our health and well-being. Choose high-quality food that will provide your pup with necessary nutrition to promote long-term good health. Make sure you’re providing not just a balanced diet but also treats that are holistic, organic and made without artificial preservatives or fillers.

Clothes: Dog’s fur can often attract negative energies, which can affect their wellbeing as well as the energy of your home. Dressing them in special clothes suited to their needs can help absorb any negative energy and promote a sense of security for them too. Wool scarves and coats have been used for centuries as protective garments against many types of energy that can affect us emotionally and physically.

Sound: The sound of nature is said to reduce stress levels and create balance within your home environment; research shows that low-pitched sounds like running water help calm the nerves. Place Feng Shui wind chimes near windows or anywhere else you think suitable, as these calming tones can help restore harmony among family members and pets alike.

Aromatherapy: Essential oil diffusers may be used to help calm an anxious or panicked dog in stressful situations; some particularly useful oils are lavender, valerian root, neroli, jasmine, rosemary and clary sage. The aroma doesn’t always need strong concentrations; less powerful scents like lemon, chamomile, frankincense or sandalwood can work wonders too! Try experimenting with different oils until you find one that your pup likes best ” they will appreciate it!


Dog Feng Shui is all about creating an optimal, balanced and harmonious space for a dog’s home. It goes far beyond merely decorating the house in which a dog lives, taking into account its individual needs, temperament, and behavior. 2021 is the perfect time to leverage Dog Feng Shui as it helps bring balance back into the environment of both our canine and human friends. This can help foster better communication between dogs and humans, which will create a more peaceful atmosphere in the home. Additionally, thorough Dog Feng Shui in 2021 can promote better physical and mental health for both dogs and humans alike by helping improve energy balance within their homes. Lastly, properly implemented Dog Feng Shui will promote happiness and overall harmony amongst all family members – both two-legged and four-legged! By calming energies with earth elements like incense or placing crystals near troublesome areas of the home, pet owners can benefit from increased peace of mind while their pup enjoys improved well-being. With this practice, pet owners achieve well being not only for themselves but also for their beloved fur baby.

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