Daybed Feng Shui

## Daybed Feng Shui
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement, used to harmonize and balance the energies of any space. When it comes to daybeds, the same principles of Feng Shui can help create a calm and peaceful environment for rest and relaxation.

### Placement
When choosing the place for a daybed, the best place is the room which can be used for rest and relaxation, such as a spare bedroom or home office. The daybed should be placed near an exterior wall in a spot where there is plenty of natural light. This will allow the daybed to receive ample sunlight and fresh air, both important factors in Feng Shui.

### Color and Furnishings
The colors of the daybed should be chosen to elicit a sense of tranquility and relaxation, colors like light blues, greens and creams. Look for materials like hardwood and soft, natural fabrics and linens. Accessories like pillows and blankets should be neutral colors as well, and should be chosen to complement the daybed and the overall design of the room.

### Adding Balance and Harmony
Once the daybed is placed, added Feng Shui elements can be used to create balance and harmony throughout the space. Mirrors, hanging artwork, and indoor plants can be used to add visual interest and air purification to the space. Airing pillows and linens often will help to keep them fresh and pleasant-smelling. Candles and other gentle scents can be used in the area to create a soothing atmosphere.

Whether it’s a surprise guestroom addition or a treasured reading nook, the same Feng Shui principles will apply in creating a calming and inviting daybed space. By following these steps and incorporating a few Feng Shui elements, a daybed can be designed to create a peaceful, stress-free haven.

Feng Shui Mirrors Bedroom

What items should be placed on a daybed for optimal Feng Shui?

1. A Decorative Throw blanket: helps promote a calming atmosphere.

2. A few Throw Pillows: to enhance a sense of comfort and coziness.

3. A Lightweight Comforter or Quilt: to provide warmth.

4. A Laptop or tablet: encourages productivity.

5. Plants or Flowers: to further bring in natural energies.

6. Candles: to bring in a light, airy energy into the space.

7. Coordinating Accent Pieces: such as decorative bowls, sculptures, vases, or artwork, which can help bring in a sense of harmony.

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