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Cor Azul Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placing items and arranging environments to improve the flow of positive energy in an individual’s life. It uses an array of colors, shapes, and materials to help create a balanced and harmonious space. Cor Azul Feng Shui is believed to bring peace, prosperity, and health into one’s life by introducing harmony into a person’s environment.

The benefits of practicing Cor Azul Feng Shui are numerous. The use of color can help create balance and order, which can lead to improved energy levels and increased productivity. Additionally, it can boost creativity and improve communication within an environment by allowing individuals to express themselves through color choice. This art also encourages personal growth as practitioners become mindful of their surroundings and gain strategies for improving their wellbeing. Finally, it enables the user to create an inviting atmosphere in any living or working space that positively influences visitors.

Cor Azul Feng Shui is achieved in many ways though most often involves the selection of appropriate colors based on scientific research observing the how different colors affect moods. Elements such as water features, plants, statues, mirrors, directionally aligned beds, furniture placement, artwork selections, textures and fabrics can further create conducive spaces promoting health and well being among those who work in them or live there.


Cor Azul Feng Shui, or ‘Blue Corner Feng Shui’, is an ancient Chinese art dating back more than 3,000 years. Originally used for the spiritual and physical wellbeing of Emperors in Imperial China, the principles of Cor Azul Feng Shui were first identified by Confucius. This traditional form of Feng Shui practice involves organizing one’s environment in such a way that positive energy flows freely and naturally through their home or workspace. By making adjustments to space and objects within it, practitioners believe they can create not just an aesthetically pleasing environment but also a space filled with harmony providing comfort for individuals.

While this traditional practice has long been used for auspicious events like weddings and funerals, its relevance in modern life extends far beyond marking special occasions. Many people today use Cor Azul Feng Shui principles to help promote balance and joy in everyday life where choices are made consciously with regard to the placement of furnishings and other items. For instance, painting walls blue can bring calming energy while arranging furniture according to good-luck patterns based on numerology can encourage success in business endeavors. Additionally, symbols related to wealth such as coins or drums may be placed strategically around your living space or office as another popular way to attract abundance into your life. Ultimately, when implemented properly these time-tested traditions can have a dramatic impact on health and happiness levels within any given environment.


Cor Azul Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that can have a positive impact on health, wealth, happiness and overall wellbeing. The core philosophy of Cor Azul Feng Shui revolves around the idea of balance and harmony in the home and personal environment, which it believes will lead to improved mental, emotional and physical health.

By leveraging key elements such as color, depth, shape and position of furniture or artwork within the home or other physical environment, Cor Azul Feng Shui intends to engender a sense of harmony with one’s surroundings. This enables energies believed to be beneficial for any number of desired outcomes to flow freely. For example, certain shades of blue can help create a calming environment and promote serenity. Additionally, rearranging furniture according to Cor Azul Feng Shui principles can influence the emotions associated with particular space”positive energy radiating from those areas where people spend most of their time can promote greater productivity in both professional and personal life.

Furthermore, incorporating items like mirrors which are thought to impact positively-charged energy for an area’s occupants has been proven to have psychological benefits as well in terms of promoting self-confidence or concentration levels. Finally, implementing symbolically meaningful plants as part of Cor Asul Feng Shui may bring additional wealth opportunities through inviting strong financial luck into your household while at the same time restoring environmental balance within such space.

Blue Color for Bedroom Feng Shui

Design Principles

Cor Azul Feng Shui is a system of colors, shapes, and objects used to promote positive energy and create balance in a space. Cor Azul translates to blue-green. This color has been found to enhance relaxation and invoke prosperity; it helps us let go and bring us closer to nature.

When using Cor Azul Feng Shui, it is important to keep the following design principles in mind:

1. Use nature-inspired elements such as crystals, stones, plants, fish tanks, or terrariums. Focus on vibrant colors that evoke natural elements”especially blues and greens”and place them strategically throughout the space for harmony and balance.

2. When placing objects around your home, think about the Five Element Theory (wood/plants/wind;fire/candles/lighting;earth/crystals/stones;metal/metal decor;water/fountains). Each of these elements affects the energy of any given space differently: use an equal amount of each element when setting up your home’s environment accordingly.

3. Don’t forget about texture! Soft fabrics like linen can be used to add depth and dimension when combined with other organic materials like wood or wicker furniture pieces. For hard surfaces, use natural-looking marble or granite where possible but avoid synthetic materials if possible.

4. Incorporate earthy touches throughout the entire space by using essential oils diffusers in specific areas like bathrooms or near windowsills as they help disperse fragrances that are welcoming yet peaceful at the same time. Mirrors can also be used sparingly to uplift a room’s energy levels”however keep their placement appropriate so as not to introduce negative chi into the room’s atmosphere instead.(Near entrances for example). Lastly hanging thin yin-yang wall art will ensure energetic alignment remains throughout all parts of your home helping you lead a calmer fulfilled lifestyle as a result!

Energy Zones

Cor Azul Feng Shui, also referred to as ‘Blue Sky Feng Shui’ is a practice that focuses on the flow of energy throughout living spaces. This type of Feng Shui is a more contemporary approach than traditional methods and emphasizes finding balance through connection. Cor Azul draws inspiration from both Eastern philosophies such as Taoism and Buddhism and Western schools like Gestalt Psychology. Through this combination it encourages practitioners to explore the psychological and physical impacts of living spaces on the people inhabiting them.

Cor Azul revolves around seven energy zones. These are broken down into two groups ” “the Invisible Zone” and “the Visible Zone”. The Invisible Zone includes the outermost area surrounding an environment ” things such as external landscaping or construction work, lighting, sounds etc., while The Visible Zone includes all elements inside a space, such as furniture placements, color schemes, symbols etc . Within these two zones there are five individual areas: Ground (outdoors), Water (indoors), Lounges (room use), Gates (connectivity) and Arts Atmospheres (mood declarations). Each area has its own unique set of principles and applications which shape how energy moves throughout living spaces.

For example in the ‘Ground’ zone, structural elements like pathways or garden paths can be strategically designed to direct, disperse or block energy flow; while within the ‘Water’ zone indoor water features have been known to have positive effects on wellbeing by creating calming environments. Cor Azul teaches that in order to live a balanced life one must move beyond traditional decorating techniques; rather by understanding the principles behind energy flow one can optimize their home for health and wellbeing. Doing so involves thoughtful analysis of an individual’s personal moods, emotions and goals at any given time to create holistic living spaces that resonates with who you really are.

Tips for Homeowners

• Declutter Your Space: The physical environment directly affects your emotional and mental state. Clutter both at home and in the workspace can block the flow of positive energy, while a clean environment can promote creativity and concentration. Taking time to declutter your home on a regular basis is an important Feng Shui practice that helps keep positive energy flowing.

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• Incorporate Natural Elements into Your Home: Nature has the power to balance our emotions, improve productivity, and boost energy levels. Incorporating nature into your home or workspace can help to harmonize the atmosphere around you. Bring in plants, flowers, elements from nature such as shells or stones, or use natural materials like bamboo for decorations.

• Consider Feng Shui Color Nuances: Colors play an important role in setting the atmosphere in any given space. Pay attention to the colors used in walls, furniture, accents and even lighting to work with particular elements for a balanced energy flow. The color blue encourages trust and loyalty; green is associated with wealth; yellow symbolizes communication; white conveys clarity and peace; while black stands for authority and power.


Cor Azul Feng Shui is a popular form of interior design that has been embraced by many celebrities. From Justin Bieber to Rihanna, many have used Cor Azul in their homes to achieve balance and good energy.

In Justin Bieber’s mansion, you can find this beautiful blue tone incorporated in many areas. The walls and decorative pieces all feature the color, which creates a calm, relaxed atmosphere throughout his home. He also surrounds himself with other soothing blues and greens, which helps him keep mentally balanced and replenished. Even though his home is quite lavish otherwise, the color blue provides tranquility to the space and allows him to ground himself in his own home.

Rihanna created her dream tropical oasis with lots of Cor Azul Feng Shui ” specifically deep shades of navy blue! From the cabinetry to the bedding and furniture accents, navy blue is integrated into every corner of her opulent sanctuary. In addition to its calming properties, this deep shade reflects the light in her home for a fun, effortless touch. Paired with bright whites and other vibrant colors, it gives her home an incredibly inviting feel that is sure to draw everyone in for an evening of relaxation at her paradise-like escape from reality!


Cor Azul Feng Shui is an ancient practice from Chinese philosophy that focuses on enhancing the flow of energy in a space with the use of specific colors, materials and placement. The goal of Cor Azul Feng Shui is to create balance, promote harmony and bring positive energy into the home or office. In terms of applying this philosophy, the most important part is to consider the five elements within feng shui: water, earth, fire, wood and metal. Each element has its own color and meaning that should be taken into consideration when making any changes to a space. Additionally, it’s important to understand how a space’s design can affect its energy flow. Finally, items such as artwork or furniture should also be chosen carefully so they can adequately support a healthy living environment.

Overall, Cor Azul Feng Shui offers many benefits for anyone looking to create a positive atmosphere in their home or workspace. It provides guidelines for how to properly position objects for absorbing good energy and how to arrange spaces for maximum comfort. Applied correctly, these principles can help improve overall health, increase productivity and even attract wealth into one’s life! With all of these advantages combined, it’s easy to see why people are still using this ancient practice today as they strive towards a healthier lifestyle both individually and collectively.

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