Colors Feng Shui 2016

Addition of Pictures or Graphics

Colors Feng Shui 2016 suggests the incorporation of various color palettes to create feelings of peace and tranquility in one’s environment. The traditional Chinese philosophy has five basic elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water – that have each had specific colors attributed to them for centuries. For example, green is associated with wood and gives feelings of growth and balance while red signifies the element of fire and is said to promote courage and passion. By combining these colors one can create an atmosphere that promotes both relaxation and energy.

The use of pictures or graphics can help illustrate how color combinations are used to achieve Feng Shui. For example, an image of a room with a combination of reds, greens, blues and yellows could be used to demonstrate how careful use of these colors can be used to influence emotions in any given space. Additionally, graphics could be included to show vibrant spa-like environments such as those found on photos taken from exotic locations around the world in which bold bursts of color dominate – inspiring calmness while energizing at the same time.

Examples of Famous Color Feng Shui Buildings

The Woolworth Building, located in New York City, is a successful example of a Color Feng Shui building. This 1913 skyscraper was the tallest in the world until 1930 and remains an iconic landmark today. The grand Italianate style of the building is accented by the perfect use of various shades of brick and terra cotta to represent Five Elements symbolism. The red brickwork reflects Fire Element energy and the terracotta is associated with the Earth Element. Other color accents like green doors and gold trim add to the harmonious balance achieved through Color Feng Shui principles.

The Marina Bay Sands skyline in Singapore is another spectacular example of a Color Feng Shui building. This resort on a 141-acre waterfront boasts three towers connected by an extensive skygarden that rises 56 stories high. Each tower has multiple tiers that are referred to as “Mountain peaks” symbolically angling up to heaven above. The captivating use of night lighting accentuates these peaks and areas around them against Singapore’s signature turbulent sky theme–all thoughtfully arranged using Color Feng Shui principles that lend harmony and balance. This fittingly stylish arrangement helps this modern marvel transcend what one would expect from its architectural form alone, thus making it an inspirational implementation of Color Feng Shui design principles for viewers around the world.

Bamboo Tree Metal Feng Shui


Colors Feng Shui 2016 videos can include instructional tips to show viewers how to maximize the benefits of utilizing this ancient Chinese tradition. The videos can teach viewing audiences how to arrange their living space or home according to the different energy principles that underlie the practice of Feng Shui. For example, viewers could learn about the various meanings behind traditional Feng Shui placement and specific objects, such as wind chimes, water fountains, and statues of deities. Videos could also explore topics such as ‘The Five Elements’ and their related associations with specific colors, shapes and materials in an interior design context. Additionally, informative segments on using plants and music as part of a holistic approach to Feng Shui should be included. Ultimately, these instructional videos can help people reach a new level of understanding regarding how they can use different aspects of Feng Shui to bring more harmony into their lives.



1. Bring Home the Joy of Color by Mimi McAfee – This book explores the principles of Feng Shui as it relates to color and provides tips for bringing in balance and chi into your space.

2. Moving with the Flow by Jora Nielson – This comprehensive guide takes a modern twist on traditional Feng Shui by introducing topics like energy healing and chakra balancing, using them to enhance a home’s energy through color.

3. The Magic of Color Feng Shui: Banish Stress and Create A Life Enhancing Environment by Lenore Baigelman – This book takes an easy-to-understand approach to understanding how colors interact with our environment and how we can use this to create more harmonious living spaces.

1. Love Taza – This website was created by journalist Nasreen Stumpf, who writes extensively about color, lifestyle and Feng Shui in articles and interviews with leading experts in the field.
2. ThoughtCo – ThoughtCo offers an entire section dedicated to helping you create harmony in your home with their selection of color feng shui articles written by some of the top designers in the industry today.
3. FengShuiyourLife – Founded by Marie Diamond, who is considered one of world’s most respected leaders in Feng Shui practice, this website provides readers with her exclusive collection of lessons that focus on energy work combined with practical instructions on how to choose colors for a balanced home life.

Black Good Color In Bathroom Feng Shui

1. “Top Six Steps For Astounding Balance With Color Feng Shui”by Yue Xu –This Chinese magazine article explains six steps to creating balance in one’s home through color choice, starting from considering environmental factors all the way through properly selecting hues within each room individually.
2. “How Color Impacts Your Mood: A Guide To Color And Psychological Effects”by Casey Imafidon– This piece details the psychological effects different colors have on humans, diving deep into what energy is associated with specific shades as well as offering tips for creating mood-lifting settings through mindful choice of palette and texture combinations .
3. “Feng Shui Psychology: Choosing the Right Colors for You”by Jim Dobsen– Published on Forbes Magazine’s website, this article uses scientific evidence to build upon classic Chinese models explaining why certain colors are calming or energizing (or both) depending on your personal circumstances such as age, occupation and daily routines; arming you with knowledge necessary to make deliberate design decisions regarding your own dwellings’ coloring scheme..

DIY Projects

This year, bring new life to your home with Color Feng Shui! With easy-to-follow instructions and simple DIY projects, anyone can learn how to make small shifts in the flow of energy within their accommodations, transforming a living space from dull and drab to harmonious, inviting, and accommodating. Create moods and accents with vibrant, eye-catching colors that bring positive energies into your residence. Learn how essential color combinations create a natural balance between vibrant shades of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) hues. Choose the perfect palette for your lifestyle as you incorporate shades of blue for stability and green for growth as well as deeper reds or oranges to infuse passion into any room—and these are just some of the many fascinating color combinations you can explore! From bedrooms and bathrooms to kitchens and studies, transform your home into an energizing paradise using principles based on ancient Chinese wisdom. Whether you’re adding new furniture or repainting existing walls, there’s something special about our Color Feng Shui 2016 guide that will add value and luxury to any decorating project.

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