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Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui is a system of environmental design derived from ancient Chinese philosophy. It seeks to harness the power of Qi, the life-force energy of the universe, in order to bring balance and harmony to people’s lives. The principles are based on the Feng Shui Five Elements Theory, which links physical environments with cosmic energies. This connection helps create an auspicious atmosphere for good health, fortune and productivity.

In 2018, many people will be turning to Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui for guidance in finding balance and creating positive conditions in their surroundings for achieving their goals. Practitioners of this type of Feng Shui will be working hard to illuminate how individuals can apply it to their own lifestyles with beneficial effects. A well-practiced consultant can guide individuals through a tailored strategy that can offer insight into their emotional states and support them in accessing better combinations of elements so they can make sound decisions along the way.

Feng shui experts believe that when used correctly Chen Jun Rong feng shui has the potential to transform living and working areas making them auspicious sites for physical, mental and spiritual growth as well as protection against negative influences or energies. In 2018 people may find themselves feeling more energized after using certain time tested techniques such as Eight Mansions theory or Xuan Kong Da Gua which help adjust energy flows inside homes for greater balance, prosperity and wellbeing. Additionally, analyzing home scenarios by utilizing formulas like Flying Star will aid in harnessing wealth opportunities going forward; Treasure Hunt measuring is an exciting way to explore changes in careers; Tong Sheng Xuan Bing helps access directions ideal for living; Black Tortoise guards against hazards; Purple White mirrors knowledge growth; Bird Allocation promises favorable love relationships; Directional Forces offers guidance on best suited siting locations all offering unique ways to create harmonious surrounds allowing customers to benefit from greater peace, luck, stability and clarity moving forward.

What is Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui

Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui, sometimes referred to as Chinese Geomancy or Kan Yu Methodology, is an ancient system of geomantic principles used to harmonize energy within a living space. The goal of Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui is to create balance in both the physical and emotional realm. This practice uses complex calculation methods based on traditional Chinese mathematics, astronomy and geography to help people determine which types of energy influence their environment and how it can be used to benefit the family unit or community at large.

The name “Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui” originates from Chen Tzu, one of the earliest documents on Feng Shui written over two-thousand years ago. The philosophy of this practice has evolved over centuries from a simple understanding of the flow of Qi (energy) through physical objects around us to a more comprehensive look at how our environment reflects certain core beliefs about ourselves. It focuses on concentrating positive Qi in places where we need it most and dispersing negative QI away from where we don’t want it.

The philosophy behind Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui claims that all material objects emit different frequencies as well as negative and positive energies resulting in varying properties found within geographical zones like mountains, rivers, coasts etc. By utilizing divinatory techniques one can predict how these different energies would interact with each other within an area resulting in either peace or chaos depending on the proportion between Yin and Yang’s energetic arrangement. When properly applied, this practice can be used to change luck for individuals, homes, businesses and even entire communities for betterment by creating harmony through the balancing process of wind (by adjusting spaces) water (by arranging furniture), fire (through decoration/plants theories), wood (color schemes/arrangement) and metal (metal ornamentation).

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How to Apply Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui in 2018

Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui has been around for centuries and is still a popular practice in 2018. However, the methods used to apply Fung Shui differ depending on the year and how astrological events affect it. The 2018 Year of the Dog presents unique opportunities for individuals who use Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui techniques to better their lives. Here are several tips that people can utilize this upcoming year:

1. Balance yin and yang energy by combining both aspects throughout your home: Since dogs represent the balance between yin and yang, it is important to bring elements from each side into your home. Examples could include contrasting dark furniture with bright walls, or putting items featuring both soft curves and hard edges throughout your space.

2. Take advantage of thoughtful rearranging: Each year, Chen Jun Rong recommends thinking critically about where furniture and décor should be placed in order to maximize their benefits within your living space. This 2018 year presents an especially good opportunity for rearranging because many items associated with the dog—such as guardian lion statues—are powerful symbols of protection that could symbolize a strong start to the next twelve months when strategically arranged throughout the home.

3. Utilize counterbalancing elements like wind chimes: According to Chen Jun Rong guidance, hanging objects such as dream catchers or wind chimes can neutralize negative chi energies within your home or create positive vibes where there may have not been before. This practice could help ward off misfortune predicted in astrological forecasts, further reinforcing any protective juju generated by aforementioned dog-related décor located around the house.

Examining the Principles of Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui

Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui is a system of traditional Chinese geomancy that believes the layout and placement of various architectural, furniture, and objects in a space have the potential to influence vibration and human behavior. This system is based on the teachings of Ming Dynasty native Chen Jun Rong and examines how the environmental features impact ones fate. It identifies each corner room or direction with five elements held in an opposing balance–earth, metal, water, wood and fire–and suggests methods to harness these energies in order to create harmonious environments.

Practitioners of Chen Jun Rong feng shui make use of Yin-Yang theory by using colors, shapes, patterns, and lighting arrangement as tools for adjustment. The colors associated with each element are used as guides to construct or adjust a space for balancing energy flow. Metallics like brass and gold are closely associated with both water and fire elements; these can be used for counteracting negative vibes from eerie corners or deflecting negative energies from entering the premises. To strengthen Wood element in an area, green decor such as pot plants add vibrancy while Fire colors represent direct energy sources such as bright lights with red accents should symbolize warmth. Furthermore, strategically placing mirrors throughout a home have been known to bring awareness to one’s physical environment –activating positive energies by creating an illusion of spaciousness within a square footage—bringing under utilized areas back into circulation for living purposes.

Benefits of Applying Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui

Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy based on the idea that energy or ‘Chi’ is interconnected and cyclical in nature. According to this philosophy, the environment we inhabit shapes our lives, determines our luck, and even affects our health. Therefore, applying this philosophy can create balance and harmony all around us.

Applying Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui offers numerous benefits. For instance, the proper arrangement of furniture, placement of features such as ponds and fountains, and other elements within an interior can help create a positive flow of energy throughout a room or home bringing balance and harmony to individuals and families living in it. Similarly, outside forces such as wind orientations and topography can be leveraged while creating residential space to generate positive vibes at the macro level thus impacting individuals, communities and ultimately the world at large in beneficial ways.

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Moreover adherents to this practice believe that using certain symbols for decoration (called ‘Talismans’) helps attract good luck into people’s lives by forming supportive relationships between residents and their environment. Finer details of Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui include employing specific colors for wall-paintings, arranging sheepskins or lamps in auspicious directions etc., which further promotes harmony throughout internal as well as external spaces.

Case Studies

Case Study 1: Ms. S was interested in incorporating Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui into her new home. She hired an experienced Feng Shui consultant to conduct a full assessment of the house and surrounding energy fields. Once the consultant had identified any areas that were imbalanced or lacking in vital energy, they provided advice on how to restore balance and vitality by strategically placing fountains, wind chimes, mirrors and crystals at significant points around the house. The changes proved successful and by springtime of 2018, Ms. S felt she had achieved a much more harmonious flow of energy throughout her home.

Case Study 2: Mr. C was in search of a more prosperous life so he decided to enlist the help of Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui to bring abundance into his professional environment. The Feng Shui consultant determined that several key modifications should be made within his business premises – for example, moving locations for where furniture was placed or hanging wind chimes at strategic points throughout the building. With these simple adjustments complete, Mr. C soon noticed a significant increase in clientele and financial rewards within a few months!


Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui is a powerful form of Chinese geomancy – or the art of placement. This practice helps individuals create order and harmony in their environment. It involves the strategic use of energy exchanges through the manipulation of the five elements, location and orientation. These elements are connected to eight points on a compass that correspond to desired energetic properties, such as Prosperity, Love, Health and Mastery.

In this blog post we have discussed several topics relating to Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui. We looked at how to generally design your layout according to Chen Jun Rong principles and examined some important feng shui considerations when choosing furniture and objects within your space. We also explored ways of using color carefully in accordance with his philosophy, as well as practices for balancing yin and yang energies.

To conclude, Chen Jun Rong Feng Shui can be a helpful tool when creating a balanced comfrotable home environment. By understanding his five element system and following basic guidelines correctly you can bring about positive chi naturally into your home. Additionally, making sure to take into account furniture and object placement carefully should ensure efficient energy flow throughout your home or office space. To keep balance in harmony use both bold an neutral colors according to suggested combos from Chen Jun Rong’s palette in this post.. Last but not least mindful thinking goes a long way when putting these ideas in motion; visualise abundance and success entering through open windows – both metaphorically and physically!

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