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Community Involvement

Boulder Feng Shui Gift Shop is dedicated to supporting the local community and helping people improve their wellbeing with feng shui. The shop provides a variety of items from expertly curated crystals and gems, to incense, altar supplies, decor pieces, smudge sticks, and more. Each item is thoughtfully chosen with intention and selected to bring balance, protection, and wellness into your home.

The shop offers practical knowledge and advice on how to use each product for maximum benefit. They provide feng shui guidance for those wanting to practice at home or setting up a workplace or office space. For those looking for a complete customized service, professionals are available who provide an in-depth analyses report complete with tailored recommendations.

Additionally, Boulder Feng Shui Gift Shop regularly sponsors activities like workshops focused on learning the basics of feng shui as well as opportunities to meet with professionals who can go in-depth on specific topics. Additionally they contribute to the local community by participating in annual festivals that promote wellness and collaboration between cultural traditions.


The Boulder Feng Shui Gift Shop is pleased to offer a series of exciting events and workshops to help people explore the benefits of feng shui. We have a variety of events ranging from seminars on basic feng shui principles to guided meditation sessions led by experienced practitioners.

For those looking for a deeper dive into the world of feng shui, we host hands-on workshops where participants can experience how to effectively use traditional feng shui tools and concepts in their lives. During these workshops, attendees will gain an understanding of how to harmonize with their environment and create balance in their homes, offices, and gardens.

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We also host seminars on special topics related to the practice, such as mind-body wellness and wealth management. Whatever your interests may be, our extensive line-up of events is sure to provide you with insight on how to enhance your life using the ancient Chinese art of feng shui.


The Boulder Feng Shui Gift Shop is dedicated to bringing balance and harmony into its customers’ homes. By featuring interviews with local feng shui experts, visitors to the shop can receive helpful advice on how to incorporate the ancient practice of feng shui into their home environment. The conversations could include topics such as creating an inviting entryway, choosing colors and furniture placement that bring energy into a room, or tips on design elements to increase positive energy. Customers can also browse through the shop’s selection of decorative items that use natural elements such as plants, crystals, stones, and other items said to promote good luck in the home. Whether people are new to practicing feng shui or already experienced in the art, visiting the Boulder Feng Shui Gift Shop for advice is sure to help bring peace and contentment into any home.


A helpful resource for readers to use to explore the concept of Feng Shui is the ‘Buddhist Feng Shui’ website ( This website has a wealth of information about the various aspects of feng shui, including its effects on human behavior, relationships, and health. Additionally, this site provides readers with tips and tricks for implementing feng shui into their own homes or offices. This site even features an in-depth ‘Feng Shui Glossary’ which gives readers detailed explanations of the various terms used in feng shui.

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For further reading related to Feng Shui and how it relates to the Boulder Feng Shui Gift Shop specifically, popular lifestyle blog ‘The Chalkboard Mag’ provides a great article ( exploring how visitors can expect to find spiritual tranquility within this unique establishment. Along with detailing the shop’s offerings, The Chalkboard Mag also advises readers on how they can utilize these products in both traditional and modern ways when optimizing their own personal spaces with feng shui principles.

Contact Information

Boulder Feng Shui Gift Shop

Address: 2485 Basil Circle, Boulder, CO 80301
Phone Number: 303-489-3291
Instagram: @boulder_fengshui_gift
Twitter: @B_FengShuiGift

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