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Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice dating back thousands of years. It is based on a belief that energies, known as “chi”, flow in specific ways throughout space and can be manipulated to increase one’s luck and well-being. Certain dates can be seen as more auspicious than others for moving to a new home in order to take advantage of the favorable energies circulating at these special times. It is important when moving house to make sure the most optimal date is chosen for relocation according to Feng Shui principles in order to bring abundance, good health and prosperity into one’s life.

When looking for a new house or apartment it is best practice to consult a Feng Shui Master before signing any contract. A Feng Shui expert can use calculations such as Eight Mansions analysis or Flying Stars analysis in order to assess the suitability of your future home according to the energies at play. It is also important that prospective buyers familiarize themselves with some of the basic tips suggested by ancient masters so that they are able to gain an initial understanding of how the building’s structure will influence their future experience within it.

When deciding on a date for relocation it is advised to follow certain rules such as avoiding full moon days, avoiding strong winds and unfavorable weather conditions, picking dates associated with positive energy, taking into account numerology news rules listed in your Personal Chinese Calendar, and consulting with a credible Feng Shui master about auspicious dates for your specific circumstances. Additionally, when carrying out the move it may be worthwhile investing in advisors specializing in Animal Symbolism technique (a branch of classical Feng Shui). Animal Symbolism experts believe each person has an animal sign which needs consideration when choosing moving dates ensuring swift entry into new homes free from obstacles related with bad luck.

Numerology and the Best Days to Move

In numerology, the number associated with a particular day can be linked to either its energy or its numerology meaning. Feng shui practitioners associate each day with a particular number, and some recommend that individuals planning to move should select dates when the numerology associated with the chosen day is auspicious. Thus, if moving on a Tuesday, it would be best to choose one on which the corresponding number is considered positive and beneficial according to feng shui principles.

The eight heavenly stems from Chinese astrology offer additional support in selecting an appropriate date for moving into a new house as they are closely related to numerology and divination. When using these stems for evaluating potential moving dates, it is important to consider whether the stemming element of the chosen date corresponds with wealth and authority – this will ensure that money luck is kept steady throughout the transfer of houses. Generally, elements like fire, earth, metal and water correlate well with such wealth-oriented goals. Additionally, maximum effect comes when elevating qi your early morning hours -so it may be worth noting that Saturdays are suitable days according to feng shui theory due to its abundance of natural qi energy in the early morning hours (prior to 8 am). In summation, looking at both numerical value systems in concert can give more insight as to which is thee most ideal days for making good movement decisions such as relocating households based on favorable qi forces and their dynamics relative to time variables

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Feng Shui Rituals for Moving Day

The exact timing of the move is important in Feng Shui. It would be beneficial to choose one of two days of the year that are deemed especially favorable according to the Chinese lunar calendar – the “double nine” (jiu wu) or “double luck” (shuang fu) day – to move in. These two auspicious days occur around mid-September if based on a solar calendar and later if based on a lunar calendar. Of course, it is essential to consult a reputable astrologer as to confirm which day is potentially lucky.

In preparation for the move, several rituals should be done at the future home before and after moving in. On moving day, decorations need to be hung up right away such as strings with lucky symbols or good fortune charms, protective amulets or coins near the entrance door and mirrors strategically located opposite walls to double luckiness. It is recommended to clean thoroughly all rooms, filling them with light using a wealth vase with citrines or other symbols of wealth according to feng shui principles; dusting each corner from top to bottom bringing harmony and positive energy inside every area. Healthy potted plants like bamboo should also be placed at home entrances, helping energy move more freely inside and producing greater prosperity for those who inhabit it according to feng shui believe.

Interior Design for New Home

Choosing the right day to move into a new home is important in achieving good Feng Shui. Saturday, the day associated with wealth, abundance, success and clarity, is generally considered to be the best moving day in terms of Feng Shui philosophy. Additionally, days that are easy to remember are often chosen because they make it easier for family members to adjust quickly to their new home environment.

When it comes to bringing energy into your new home through interior design and Feng Shui practices, there are several things you can do. First, it’s important to bring materials with meaning and history into your decor — items such as heirlooms from your family or blessed objects that have special significance can bring a vibrant energy and a personal touch to any space. Second, choose colors carefully when decorating – colors can subconsciously affect our moods in powerful ways so pick colors known for creating sense of tranquility and calm such as shades of blue or green. Third, keep surfaces clutter-free since too many objects scattered around can create a sense of disorganization and chaos. Finally, consider incorporating natural elements throughout the house like plants or water features which will help balance out energy concentration in rooms and also bring a breath of freshness into every space.

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Zen and the Art of Moving

When moving to a new house, the best day to do so according to Feng Shui is on a day that symbolizes new beginnings. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, certain days bring good luck and should be chosen for important occasions such as moving into a new home. Before any move, it is important to collect helpful energies which will facilitate the transition.

In order to stay positive and make the most of your move, there are a few rituals you can follow when selecting the best day for Feng Shui. Make sure this date falls on a Thursday or Friday as these correlate with thoughtful decision-making and actions taken peacefully in the universe. You can even use an almanac or astrology calendar to identify auspicious dates during any given month.

Once you have identified an ideal date, craft an environment of support by celebrating your move with family and friends. Invite several people over for dinner and drinks to break bread in your dream home before taking ownership of it – this will help ensure energy is flowing properly from start to finish! Additionally, it’s great way for you and your guests alike to create pleasant memories that will last for years! Finally – don’t forget about setting aside time for yourself; enjoy some quiet moments before moving forward with all the other changes that come along with this exciting time in your life!


When you move to a new house, it is important to consider the principles of Feng Shui for maximum success and well-being. Follow these tips for the best day and results when moving to a new home. Choose an auspicious day with good energy from the Chinese Almanac; avoid days that represent obstacles such as Wednesdays, Fridays, and any red flags in your local Almanac readings. When decorating your new house, arrange furniture following Feng Shui principles for balanced chi flow. Utilize complementary elements within each room (wood with water, fire with earth) to bring harmony into the space. Bring in nature with natural elements like plants and art featuring images of landscape scenes or dragonflies. Finally, remember that intention is key: set an intention or prayer during the moving process to ensure good luck and happiness. Use these suggestions along with your own personal style to create peace, balance, and inner harmony in your new place!

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