Best Artwork for Bedroom Feng Shui


When it comes to bedroom décor, making sure the space achieves good Feng Shui is key. Not only are you aiming to create a sanctuary of relaxation and peace, but also an environment that connects people with the energy of nature. With this in mind, carefully selecting artwork that fits within Feng Shui principles is essential.

From abstract to traditional, digital design or portrait-style art pieces can be added to enhance your bedroom aesthetic. When choosing the right pieces of artwork for your bedroom consider calming colors and sense of motion or fluidity. Utilize artwork as a way to express your personal style and character—but still staying mindful of its influence on Feng Shui. For example, paintings featuring multiple subjects can bring balance, symbolizing equilibrium between two different energies (like yin and yang). Meanwhile focusing on one figure in an image often reflects personal growth when discussed in terms of elements like beauty, health, friendship and knowledge. Furthermore incorporating uplifting imagery like birds soaring through the sky can evoke a feeling of freedom while offering a gentle reminder that we have the capabilities to do anything we set our minds to.. It’s ideal for promoting ambition without overtly drawing focus on career oriented symbols or messages from art pieces. So in addition to symbolism, size matters when it comes to displaying artwork — hang pieces too far away from each other or in enclosed areas can cause your room look cluttered or too crowded—without leaving any room for balance between yin/yang principle either! Also avoid using artworks depicting violence or aggression as these type images will disrupt the peaceful atmosphere you are trying cultivate for yourself and loved ones in your Bedroom space.

Exploring the Origins and History of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system for understanding the relationship between humans and their environment. The ancient practice dates back more than 3,500 years to the Zhou Dynasty. With Feng Shui, the idea is to harmonize humans with their environment by placing them in the right positions relative to objects of energy or Qi. This allows people to balance their lives and achieve greater fulfillment.

When it comes to selecting artwork for bedrooms that are focused on maximizing positive energy, there are several things that people should keep in mind. First, you want artwork that evokes feelings of relaxation and peace, as these are both essential elements of good Feng Shui. Water scenes can be particularly calming and tranquil, while wall art depicting nature or family scenes can also bring balance into a bedroom. Incorporating natural colors like blue and green in art can further promote a sense of tranquility. Additionally, incorporating certain shapes into the bedroom’s design helps to create harmony with the environment; for example, round shapes represent infinity and balance while straighter lines elicit strong emotions like power and strength. Finally, when choosing artwork for the bedroom, look for pieces that reflect your personality so you always feel comfortable in your space.

Key Elements of Bedroom Feng Shui

The main concepts of bedroom feng shui are to ensure that the room is an inviting and calming space, free from distractions and clutter. Artwork can play an important role in achieving this goal by inspiring positive energy, enhancing relaxation, improving creativity, and creating a peaceful atmosphere. The best artwork for bedroom feng shui includes nature-inspired pieces featuring natural elements such as mountains, trees, landscapes, water scenes, and plants. Additionally, abstract art depicting scenes of serenity or soothing colors can help to create a tranquil atmosphere. It is also recommended that artwork be hung with respect to the cardinal directions (East and West), as this has additional benefits in terms of generating positive energy affecting flow-through in the room. Lastly, displaying artwork of people should be avoided as it has been said to bring discord into the bedroom environment.

Tips for Applying Feng Shui to Bedrooms

When it comes to home and lifestyle, it is important to use Feng Shui practices for balance and for creating good vibes. Applying Feng Shui in the bedroom is especially important as a strong focus on resting and relaxation should be taking place within this room. When choosing artwork for bedrooms with Feng Shui in mind, keep these tips in mind:

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– Choose artwork that encourages relaxation: Images such as a calming beach or mountain landscape are great options. They don’t have to be complicated or abstract; in fact, the simpler the better.

– Avoid aggressive artwork: Bright colors and hectic compositions might stimulate energy, but they can also create restlessness or anxiety. In other words, they go against the idea of a relaxed sleeping area.

– Focus on imagery associated with love: Couples should choose artwork that honors their relationship by featuring themes such as families or couples embracing. Images of animals or natural elements like trees are also excellent choices since they symbolize support and peacefulness.

– Select prints that inspire creativity: If you want to use art pieces to create energy and inspiration in your bedroom, choose those featuring plants or images of people working hard at something meaningful. These will serve as daily reminders to stay focused on your goals and never give up despite any challenges you might face along the way.

Feng Shui is all about creating an environment that makes you feel most comfortable so don’t forget to select artwork that speaks to your heart as well. It’s always a great idea to mix things up by adding lighter pieces alongside heavier ones – this will bring out different kinds of energy depending on what corner of the room they’re placed in! Finally, be sure to hang your art pieces at eye level or higher – this will help make them part of the decor while keeping them out of reach (just in case!). With a little effort, you can create a beautiful space full of positive energy!

Considering Color Psychology and Flow in Feng Shui Artwork Selection

When selecting artwork for a bedroom adorned with principles of Feng Shui, the primary consideration should be its ability to create the right balance and flow. In addition to this, one should also consider color psychology when making their choice. Colors have a powerful effect on our mood, behaviors, and emotions so it is important to select colors that will evoke the desired atmosphere in your bedroom. For instance, cool tones are said to encourage relaxation so using blue and green hues can help to create a sense of tranquility. Likewise, warm tones such as red and orange may provoke excitement and enthusiasm. Other colors such as pink and yellow can evoke feelings of joy or happiness and purple can generate feelings of creativity or glamour. It is also good practice to pick two main colors for an artwork piece that balance each other out and contribute positively towards one’s overall Feng Shui experience. Finally, it is important to give careful consideration to the energy in your room when selecting artwork for it with Feng Shui principles. One approach is often referred to as “Kan Yu” which looks at the five elements theory (Earth, Wood, Fire, Water, Metal) present in various places throughout your home – looking at how these elements combine together with each other in harmony or disharmony will often help greatly when choosing artwork pieces that align well with those energies. Ultimately all decisions should be made by you while keeping an open mind and responding intuitively when feeling inspired by an art piece that invokes strong emotion or speaks deeply to heart’s desires!

Examples of Best Artwork for Bedroom Feng Shui

• Paintings of scenery – Nature scenes such as rivers, mountains, trees, and gardens can help create a sense of balance and calm in the bedroom.

• Watercolors – Soft watercolor paintings can create a serene atmosphere without overwhelming the room.

• Abstract art – Art that is not easily identifiable allows your mind to wander freely and relax more deeply.

• Wall hangings – Hanging wall coverings depicting natural elements will bring a calming influence into the space.

• Landscape photography – Pictures showcasing the beauty of the world can help put you in the mindset for peace and relaxation.

• Animal art – Images of animals expressing emotions like gentleness or joy can be great stress relievers when viewed from bed.

• Natural materials – Materials such as stones, wood, shells, plants, or feathers are believed to naturally contain energy that promotes harmony.

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• Calligraphy – Using Chinese calligraphy or writing positive affirmations in beautiful handwriting brings optimism into your bedroom environment.

Common Feng Shui Bedroom Taboos to Avoid

When it comes to artwork for bedrooms, Feng Shui theory must be taken into account. Some traditional Chinese taboos should be avoided, such as the following:

1. No pictures of violence, sadness or misfortune. This includes things like wars, disasters, terrorists and other unpleasant scenes.

2. No images of dead people or deceased ancestors, even if the intention is respectful memorialization.

3. Avoid depictions of spiritual entities or gods from religions not your own. Even pictures of saints or figures from other cultures may cause uncomfortable energy flows in the home.

4. Detailed faces (especially eyes) might create a feeling of being watched. If a person does not want to be disturbed while sleeping, then this isn’t a suitable choice either way.

5. Strongly suggested against are photographs of injured bodies or animal cruelty acts – such tragedies cannot easily leave one’s energy space while they sleep and can disturb restful feelings profoundly when viewed subconsciously during dreams and sleep cycles


Bedroom Feng Shui is concerned with creating a living space that expresses balance and harmony. Finding the right artwork to incorporate into your living space is an important part of creating a peaceful and harmonious environment. When considering artwork for your bedroom, look for pieces that are simple, calming, and uplifting. Abstract art can be especially useful in creating a sense of peace, as its abstract nature can stimulate creative thinking and concentration. Additionally, try to choose artwork that represents themes like loyalty, relationships, or nurturing; this will foster feelings of security and create a sense of warmth in your bedroom. You should also take note of any colors used in the artwork and make sure they don’t clash with those already found in your room – colors that work well together should be used together if you want to promote positive energy flow.

When displaying artwork in your bedroom: hang pieces at eye level so they are easy to appreciate; utilize wall space to keep it organized; use a mixture of sizes proportionate to the size of the room; and ensure all frames contain non-reflective glass or plexiglass since mirror reflection needs to be absent from a feng shui bedroom. Finally, make sure all artwork positively influences peaceable energy levels while enhancing the beauty of the room – this will help bring positive vibes into your home. With these practical tips in mind you should have no trouble incorporating bedroom feng shui easily!

Resources for Further Reading and Professional Assistance

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that encourages harmonious energy flow in a home or space. It looks at how different pieces of art and furniture can influence one’s life and wellbeing. When it comes to selecting artwork for the bedroom, feng shui recommends certain pieces that will help create a relaxing and positive energy flow. These include paintings depicting peaceful landscapes, like mountains or water scenes; images of happy people, animals, or plants; abstract artwork with few details; figurative artwork featuring symbolic objects like flowers and birds; and any pieces of art that bring joy, inner peace, and harmony to the space.

For those looking to learn more about incorporating feng shui into their home decorating efforts, there are many online resources available with helpful tips on selecting art for bedrooms that adhere to traditional guidelines. In addition, professional feng shui practitioners may offer consultations on how to incorporate feng shui elements into their homes. They can also point out potential pitfalls when it comes to selecting the wrong artwork or furniture placement in order to optimize the balance of energy throughout a space. Additionally, many professionals offer services aimed at finding the best pieces of artwork available for a particular space given a homeowner’s individual preferences and needs. By researching carefully and working with experienced professionals if desired, homeowners can ensure their chosen artwork adheres to feng shui guidelines for a balanced living environment.

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