Bedroom Placement Feng Shui for Pictures


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that involves the arrangement of one’s home to promote harmony and positive energy. Feng shui for pictures in a bedroom is just as important as for any other room. Pictures are said to have great influence on our wellbeing, so it’s important to be mindful when choosing the placement of them. This guide will help you determine which areas of the room to place your beloved photographs or artwork in order to set up an optimal energy flow within the space.

To ensure optimal Feng Shui for pictures in your bedroom, be conscious of where you hang them. Placing something too low can make a person feel overwhelmed, while positioning it too high can create feelings of loneliness and disconnection from others. Above all, respect your own beliefs and tastes—there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to interpersonal preferences and what works best in each individual environment.

Just like any other area, hang photos that bring joy to you or peacefulness; start with a vision or concept point and go from there. If possible try not to cover walls completely with floor-to ceiling pictures; mix sizes, shapes, colors and frames (or different mediums). Select artworks that create visual harmony and balance out the furniture in your bedroom. Lastly, hanging photos near windows should be avoided due to potential glare distortion or fading caused by sunlight exposure. Do keep art far from heaters as well as humidifiers which could damage them if too close

The Fundamentals of Placement Feng Shui

Placement feng shui is a branch of traditional Chinese geomancy that considers how objects and people are placed in relation to each other in order to maximize chi (energy). In bedroom placement feng shui, pictures need to be placed properly in order to bring calming energy.

When it comes to pictures, four principles must be followed:
* Pictures of nature should be placed on the east side of the bedroom as this is where new beginnings begin.
* Pictures of still life should be placed anywhere within the room for balance.
* Portraits or family photos should be kept out on a shelf or night stand so that they can be seen easily from a seated position.
* Avoid placing intimidating images or photos with negative or argumentative tones—these will only create misfortune.

Furthermore, you should also consider the material and size of the frame before placing it in your bedroom. It’s best to choose frames made out of natural materials like wood or bamboo, preferably without metal accents as metal conducts energy more freely than these natural materials. Additionally, you’ll want your frames to make an appropriate statement but not be too imposing for the space —making them small enough so that their presence isn’t overwhelming.

Reasons to Consider Bedroom Placement Feng Shui

Bedroom Placement Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form that helps to create a peaceful, balanced atmosphere within the living space, and it holds special importance when it comes to placing pictures in your bedroom. Pictures have the potential to create a sense of flow and harmony in the environment, helping you relax and enjoy the ambiance generated by these images of beauty and serenity. If you want to ensure your home has this kind of energy, then considering Bedroom Placement Feng Shui when placing your photos is key. Not only will this help bring positive energy into your bedroom, but also improve its overall look and feel. Another important reason to follow Bedroom Placement Feng Shui rules is that they allow you segregate certain types of photos from others—the happy ones from the sorrowful ones, for instance. This could help build up an atmosphere in which different emotions can co-exist without clashing with one another in any way. Finally, following these rules may help increase feelings of safety and security in the bedroom as well as reduce stress levels by creating a more organized space where clutter remains minimalized throughout.

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Identifying the Best placements for Pictures

When placing pictures in the bedroom, it is important to consider the principles of Feng Shui. According to this ancient Chinese practice, each space has a type of energy that affects our lives, so it is essential to be aware of where and how bedroom items are arranged.

Pictures within the bedroom should be placed facing outwards towards the doorway or front wall and with an intention to create inspiration and clarity. Picture frames should never be hung above any sleeping area as this may bring about chaotic energy and restlessness. Additionally, artwork that reflects love themes is incredibly beneficial for couples, as long as those materials are not located near the head of the bed or hanging above a nightstand. Additionally, large framed photos that reflect both joyous memories and new dreams can be hung approximately three feet away from a bed or nightstand set on prominent branch centers created by a center pillar in order to direct positive energy flow to one’s life goals. Lastly, depending upon personal intentions it can be beneficial to include mirrors in a room’s setup, which helps enhance energy flow within all areas of life.

Varied Photo Types to Benefit From Bedroom Placement Feng Shui

Bedroom Placement Feng Shui for photos can involve utilizing different types of pictures to increase the harmony and balance of your bedroom. Depending on the type of pictures you select, there are several ways to make use of this effective interior design method. First, family photos can foster a sense of unity and strengthen connections to family members. Hanging them in pairs is thought to create balance as well. Artwork should be placed either near the bed or furthest from it in order for it to be appreciated properly. The same rule applies when hanging landscape or nature photos – keep them away from your sleeping area for a better night’s rest. Furthermore, motivational quotes and sayings have become increasingly popular options for bedrooms as they serve as wonderful motivators throughout the day! Finally, having a single photo that has special meaning can be hung above your bed to symbolize love, peace and tranquility while you sleep. All these photos offer excellent opportunities to try out various techniques while adhering to Bedroom Placement Feng Shui principles!

Hacks for Positioning Pictures in Your Bedroom

When positioning pictures within your bedroom based on Feng Shui practices, there are several steps you can take to make sure the most beneficial energies reach your space. Firstly, it’s important to choose a wall that is without a window or door. You want the energy of the picture to be directed solely into the bedroom and not out of it. Secondly, avoid positioning pictures a foot off the ground as this disrupts celestial energy flow. Instead, find balance by hanging them at eye level. To further direct positive energy, place family photos and artwork in sets of three for abundance. Lastly, avoid mirrors and photographs with negative imagery such as war scenes or images expressing sadness. These can be replaced with nature prints that encourage more positive emotional vibes like sailboats gliding along calm seas for peace and serenity or landscapes of rolling green hills for prosperity.

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Common Misconceptions About Bedroom Placement Feng Shui

One common misconception about bedroom placement feng shui is that it prescribes a specific arrangement of furniture in the bedroom. This is not true; although having an organized, uncluttered bedroom does have some feng shui principles that suggest it can improve energy, there is no “one size fits all” design for a bedroom. Desk and dresser placement may depend on the type and size of the room but never needs to be completely prescribed by feng shui principles.

Another false belief is that paintings or other wall decorations should be placed opposite the bed. This places the painting in what many view as a symbolic “power position” as opposed to being located beside or above/behind the bed. In reality, pictures can be hung anywhere in the bedroom provided it is not directly above the bed; this has long been viewed as symbolically oppressive, evoking images of someone staring down and into your Sleep Space.


Bedroom Placement Feng Shui is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of Chinese metaphysics. It is a system, which focuses on the alignment of people in relation to their personal living space. In this article, we discussed how you can use bedroom placement Feng Shui for pictures as an effective way to optimize the flow of energy in your bedroom. The first rule is to hang pictures such that they are aligned with the door or window and use brighter colors such as bright red, yellow or pink to stimulate energy. Additionally, pictures in the south-west area should be romantic and scenic landscapes with water elements while those in the east area should be family portraits with five members seated next to each other. Moving westward from there, hang images of success, prosperity or encouragement such as vases filled with money coins etcetera. Finally, pictures that contain waterfalls and rivers should be hung in the northeast corner if possible. By following these advice when placing your bedroom wall picture frames and images, you can create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere as well as enhance balance and good luck too!

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