8 Portocale Feng Shui 2018


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that emphasizes the importance of balance, harmony, and energy flow in order to create a healthy living space. According to Feng Shui principles, the objects in a home should be arranged harmoniously with their environment to enable the flow of positive chi. This can be achieved through various design elements, such as strategic placement of furniture and art, colors, plants or water features – all of which are thought to have an impact on energy levels in the home.

In an 8 Portocale home, one may need to carefully consider the layout of furniture, as well as color schemes and other décor elements which will maximize natural energy flow. Additionally, artwork may also be used to create these desired effects; for example, a beautiful painting or photograph can evoke positive emotions associated with specific geographical locations or memories.

The 8 directions are also important when using Feng Shui principles in a home; each direction symbolizes a different quality of life—north represents career opportunities, east indicates family matters, south is linked with fame and recognition while west signifies creativity. Hence, it would be beneficial to select decor items that represent at least five out of eight directions within a single room – this helps bring energetic balance into the home and can even support personal growth. Ultimately in 2018 it’s all about creating environments that induce wellbeing and inspire creativity – invite energizing colors such as reds and yellows; harness negative ions from water features like fountains; and arrange furniture pieces around open spaces so they face welcoming pathways rather than walls – all concepts that follow basic Feng Shui principles of energy alignment .

Benefits of 8 Portocale Feng Shui

There are many benefits of using 8 Portocale Feng Shui in a home. First, it creates harmony between the inhabitants and their environment, which fosters good health, balance and well-being. This practice enables you to use your space most efficiently and effectively by allowing better energy flow throughout the home. Additionally, it brings wealth, happiness and elevation into your life and space through positive energy.

Furthermore, 8 Portocale Feng Shui helps you create spaces that promote peace and serenity; this promotes improved interpersonal relationships amongst family members. Additionally, applying these techniques let you take advantage of elements that can be used for attracting auspicious energy into your living areas such as wind chimes, mirrors and other decorations. Your knowledge of Feng Shui is also enhanced since all these practices enrich your inner self with higher understanding. Finally, these principles can also help reduce stress while creating aesthetic enjoyment making the entire abode a more inviting place to live in.

Historical Overview

Feng Shui has its origins in ancient Chinese philosophy and practices that date back over 3000 years. It was developed based on the idea that a person’s energy (or “chi”) can be affected by their environment, including the objects within. The belief is that if this chi is balanced and balanced correctly, it will bring good luck and harmony to those living in the particular space.

Over time, Feng Shui has grown in popularity throughout Asia as a means to create balance and improve wellbeing. In recent years, there have been many changes to Feng Shui practices such as shifting from using lunar calendars to using yearly dates or “Ba Zi”, which is an elaborate system involving four pillars: year, month, day and hour of birth. Moreover, eight mansions (based on directions) were further divided into various aspects of life such as health, romance and wealth. More recently, classical Feng Shui has evolved into Eight Portocale Feng Shui–which focuses mainly on eight specific formulas used to evaluate both internal and external life-forces in order to enhance personal luck and success. These formulae include formulations such as Flying Star Feng Shui, Eight Trigrams Regulation System and San Yuan Bird Nest Theory among others. Today eight portocale is seen widely practiced for enhancing one’s luck in career and professional goals leadingto financialsecuriyas well

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Understanding 8 Portocale

8 portocales in design terms refer to 8 core principles when considering the placement of furniture, color palette and arrangement of a space according to Feng Shui practices. These 8 portocales are: energy flow, naturalness, simplicity, balance, harmony, beauty, function and pleasure. The idea is that when utilizing these 8 portocales any interior space can achieve a better sense of energy by promoting positive Qi.

Energy Flow refers to how freely and unhindered the energy can move through the space. This encourages an open-concept design that allows air to flow freely. Naturalness focuses on keeping elements in their natural states while bringing in elements from nature such as plants and wood arrangements that promote a connection to nature’s energy. Simplicity involves having less objects or clutter that distract from the overall design of the space. Balance is achieved by making sure all pieces within the room look equally weighted and complete one another as far as emotion goes. Harmony helps tie together elements in terms of textures, colors, shapes and forms for a cohesive effect. Beauty allows for creative license with furniture choices and artwork selections that bring out the best features of any room. Functionality keeps practicality in mind; knowing which pieces make sense for certain areas versus cluttering up any space unnecessarily. Lastly some pleasure should be taken into consideration when selecting items from not only its purposeful use but also its aesthetic value to evoke admiration or appreciation from anyone visiting your home.

Symbolic Elements

Using symbols to attract the right kind of energy into an 8 Portocale home can be based on the number eight’s Feng Shui principles. A variety of luck-boosting symbols that can be used to bring positive energy are:

•Bagua, a Chinese symbol representing protection and harmony

•Dragon symbolizing power and good luck
•Peach blossom symbolizing romance and luck
•Happiness signifying joy and contentment
•Phoenix signifying rebirth
•Turtles which represent long life, stability, and firmness
•Fish for abundance and wealth
•Lanterns for guidance, clarity and knowledge
•Money frogs for financial success


When it comes to the design of your pool, you should stick to some basic Feng Shui principles. Firstly, the pool should be located in a space that encourages openness and allows for free flow of energy. For example, if possible try to avoid having any structures such as a shed or fence that could act as an energy block. Additionally, if you want to make use of Feng Shui elements, opt for curved edges rather than straight ones and incorporate rounded shapes into the design. Making sure there is an equal mix of sun exposure and shade around the pool will also help support positive energy flow. Lastly, aim to have a water feature such as a fountain or waterfall nearby that adds movement and sound into your outdoors area – signs which are important to bring balance and harmony into the garden space.


When considering furniture for a Feng Shui space, balance is key. It is important to include pieces of different shapes and sizes that won’t overwhelm the room. In terms of arrangement, ensure that pathways are clear to promote an unrestricted sense of movement within the room. Furniture should be placed against walls or other solid objects to create a feeling of safety and support. If space allows, adding corner chairs to encourage conversation and foster connections can be beneficial. Aesthetically pleasing pieces should also be included as they will add positive energy to the room. Finally, it is best to avoid clutter so that chi can flow freely without being held up by obstacles.

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In order to create harmony in an 8 Portocale home that adheres to Feng Shui principles, the lighting should be natural and subdued. Natural lighting, such as sunlight through a window or filtered by a sheer curtain, is best. Artificial light can be used when necessary and should be soft and gentle, such as with LED lights. The placement of the lighting is also important: it should be kept at strategic points to bring balance to the space. For example, if you have a hallway that needs some additional light during nighttime hours, consider soft lighting at both ends of the hallway or place deeper interior windows to let natural light fill in during the day.


The 8 Portocale home is all about balance and harmony with the universe, so decorative elements should be chosen to complement this. Choose items that elicit positive energy like plants, which symbolize life and growth, as well as rock crystals and wind chimes which are thought to help clear blocked energy. Breathe new life into each room of the house with vibrant artwork and decor that reflects your personal style and reminds you of happy memories. Soft lighting also helps create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Introducing simple Feng Shui enhancements such as fountains, mirrors or bamboo features for good luck can also help foster a healthier space and add a touch of creativity to any interior design scheme.


The fundamental changes that need to be made in order to practice good Feng Shui in an 8 Portocale home in 2018 are centered on the Way of the Eight Mansions philosophy. The first step is to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of your house’s qi or energy flow and map out the 8 mansions that make up your home. This is best done with the help of a Feng Shui consultant who can pinpoint which areas need balancing or tuning up as far as qi goes. Once this has been determined, making sure that the necessary measures are taken to circulate sufficient “yang” (energetic) energy around your home is essential. This could include including the incorporation of mirrors, brightly coloured fabrics, strategically placed furniture and other objects designed to balance energy levels. In addition, taking steps such as periodically removing clutter from around your home and adopting a habit of regular cleaning can prove instrumental in keeping energy balanced. Ultimately, by following these measures and taking a mindful approach to Feng Shui practices for your home, good results should follow in terms of harmoniously maintaining balance within any 8 Portocale home throughout 2018.

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