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Yellow Feng Shui is a practice of Chinese metaphysics that utilizes the ancient principles of Yin and Yang, Five Elements Theory and the traditional practice of Feng Shui, to bring balance and Chi into one’s environment. It emphasizes the use of yellow colors in decorating as a way to increase health, prosperity, luck and stability. Yellow is considered one of the most powerful lucky colors in traditional Chinese culture because it brings wealth and positively affects financial stability, good health, business success and physical well-being. The color yellow also symbolizes joy, wisdom, the Earth element and good fortune. When combined with the principles of Feng Shui, it allows one to draw positive energy from their environment creating an atmosphere for success. There are five major elements of Yellow Feng Shui which can be used to create harmony for spaces both at home and at work: proper lighting; color selection; furniture placement; sound; and symbols. Proper lighting should be chosen carefully to ensure that it promotes peacefulness and cushions negative energies while providing necessary illumination. Color selection is critical when doing Yellow Feng Shui because different shades have different meanings associated with them such as purple representing power or red representing passion and excitement. Furthermore, furniture placement can help circulate the positive energy while avoiding overcrowding or blocking necessary points of passage.. Additionally, sound should be uplifting and calming but loud enough such that ambient sounds can be absorbed by those within the space instead feeling unnerved by external noise pollution coming through windows or walls. Finally appropriate symbols can also be used to evoke feelings related to abundance, happiness or protection such as wishing trees filled with jade coins for luck.

Year of the Pig

Yellow feng shui is an ancient Chinese art form used to incorporate the colors of nature with traditional practices. It emphasizes the power of colors and benefits of color-coded living. In 2019, it can be used to bring stability and good fortune into one’s life.

In accordance with the Chinese horoscope, 2019 is known as “The Year of the Pig”. Believed to represent optimism, happiness and productivity, using yellow feng shui in 2019 may give one a better chance to make their goals a reality.

One way to take advantage of yellow feng shui in 2019 is by adding yellow accents throughout your home. Put yellow curtains on your windows or shop for pieces of furniture upholstered in a cheerful golden hue. Apothecary jars filled with lemons are a colorful addition that add cheer to any space; daffodils and sunflowers also fill a room with positive vibes and joy. You can also practice placing specific things in certain areas around your home for good luck” for example, putting red peonies in the North corner of your house will help draw success and protection from bad energies from different directions as per traditional beliefs.

Using gemstone bracelets featuring citrine are another possible element involving yellow feng shui this year- known as “the stone of abundance”, it has been said that citrine carries you toward success while at the same time protecting you against harm or ill-fortune. Placing citrine crystals near doorways or windows is thought to bring the power of attraction within a family’s home, thus drawing wealth and happiness into it as well as ridding it of negative vibes like jealousy or hatred that would otherwise pollute its atmosphere. Moving forward into 2019, let’s all use Yellow Feng Shui to create balance within our lives!

Simple Feng Shui Bedroom

Creating Positive Life Energy Through Color

When using yellow according to the principles of classical feng shui, it is essential to balance the energy of the space by also adding white. In this way, both positive and negative energies will be balanced, allowing for more natural energy patterns within the environment. Yellow is associated with South and Southeast energies, typically associated with fame and reputation. Traditional Chinese philosophy suggests that yellow will bring about wealth, abundance, health and communication when used in an appropriate manner. For this reason, it is often recommended that those who are seeking to improve their career path should incorporate yellow into their home environment. This can include placing a bright yellow rug or a golden bowl in the kitchen corner of the main door to attract luck. To even out the flow of energies and prevent overstimulation from too much yellow, use white walls or objects such as vases and sculptures made from black stone. Additionally in Feng Shui, instead of adding harsh colors such as black and red into a room, yellow can be used as an alternative for making a bold statement without losing harmony in the area.

Decorations & Accessories

When it comes to Feng Shui in 2019, the color yellow is said to be popular. Yellow has a positive and outwardly facing energy that encourages optimism and action. Adding bright yellow furnishings, accessories and decor to your space can help boost the key energies of creativity, communication, intelligence, wealth and abundance. Other good choices for incorporating into your home are natural elements such as plants, flowers, stones and even airy fabrics that give a fresh and clean feeling. Also try utilizing golden hues in artwork or other home accents as this is an uplifting hue that can attract positive luck. When setting up a room or space in your home with Feng Shui in mind; being intentional with your choice of colors can create an overall balance of creative energy throughout your living environment. By utilizing the power of yellow combined with natural elements, you can positively affect the flow of energy for better results all year long!

Lighting Tips

In 2019, yellow lighting is being advised as one of the most important elements in Feng Shui. Yellow lighting is said to bring a sense of happiness and joy to any home. If used correctly, it can create feelings of strength, abundance and rejuvenation. Here are some tips for using yellow lighting for a harmonious living space:

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1) Place yellow lamps in each room of your home – The warm glow from yellow lights will brighten up any dark corner and create an inviting atmosphere. You can also place lamps in strategic locations such as near a window or doorway to draw positive energy from sunlight into the dark spaces within your house. This is especially beneficial when doing meditation or yoga practice in your home office or bedroom.

2) Choose yellow LED bulbs for outdoor spaces – If you’re looking to create a relaxing outdoor area, consider using yellow LED bulbs as this will allow you to enjoy a subtle but gentle light that won’t wash out the other colors of nature.

3) Use soft yellows for living rooms – A cozy living room should be illuminated with muted shades of the color yellow like pastel yellows or light buttery cream. This creates an inviting ambiance and sets the scene for cozy conversations and relaxed evenings at home with friends and family.

4) Install soft yellow wall sconces around mirrors- Wall sconces with soft yellow tones are particularly helpful when placing them around mirrors, as they cast a reflection that helps enhance the feeling of positivity throughout your home by encouraging positive thoughts into your mind.

5) Create an ambient glow with votive candles – Candles are an excellent way to provide an ambient glow that creates a soothing atmosphere in any room of your house. For added Feng Shui, you can use votive candles in tinted glass jars which adds both visual interest and helps enhance the surrounding energy fields through diffusing light around its environment.


Using Yellow Feng Shui to enhance your home in 2019 is a wonderful way to bring balance, harmony, and rejuvenation into your environment. This ancient Chinese practice offers centuries of knowledge that can help improve the flow of energy and create positive, uplifting spaces. By incorporating yellow colors into your decor, you can take advantage of the natural flow of energy and bring prosperity to each room in your home. Additionally, by choosing simple designs such as yellow-on-yellow geometric patterns or creating flow patterns in each room with items such as rugs, wallpapers and pictures, you can further boost the energizing power of Yellow Feng Shui. Finally, add some fun symbolism by placing lucky charms and symbols filled with positive intentions throughout your home as a reminder to tap into this vibrant energy every day. These small focused actions will add up over time for a lasting effect on both the energy in your home and how it effects those living within it.

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