11 House Number Feng Shui

House Number 11 Feng Shui – How to Magically Unleash the Positive Powers of Your Address

Feng shui is all about harnessing the power of the environment to create positive and empowering energy. Every house has its own unique energy, and it is important to be mindful of this when considering the number of your house.

House numbers have different meanings and associations in Feng Shui. House number eleven is one of the luckiest numbers to have, and is associated with spiritual fulfillment and personality, as well as bringing luck to occupants. Here are 11 ways to utilize the positive energies of house number 11.

1. Welcome the Lucky Number 11

11 is a number with positive connotations in Feng Shui, so make sure to embrace it rather than fight it. Welcome the number 11 and embrace its positive connotations that can bring good luck to your house and its occupants.

2. Invest in Art and Decorations to Enhance Happiness and Good Luck

Adding artwork and decorations that are inspirational, uplifting and creative is a good way to use the powerful number 11. Traditional Chinese symbolism such as storks, dragons and lions can enhance good luck and bring a breath of fresh air into your home.

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3. Choose the Right Colors

The most powerful colors for house numbers 11 are green and purple. Green symbolizes growth and good luck, while purple stands for creativity and spiritualism. Both of these colors can help create a warm, inviting and joyful atmosphere.

4. Have a Positive Relationship with the Universe

As with all Feng Shui, it is important to establish a strong connection with your house number and the Universe. Believe that you are part of the Universe and that your house number 11 will bring positive energies.

5. Utilize Crystals in Every Room to Spread Positive Energies

Crystals have been used in Feng Shui for centuries. In the case of house number 11, aquamarine and moonstone are particularly beneficial. Place these crystals in a prominent position so that the energy in the room can be charged with positive vibrations.

6. Introduce Plants and Greenery to Enhance Prosperity and Wealth

Plants are a great way to increase positive energies in your home. Use plants such as jade and money tree to bring wealth and prosperity, while a Chinese lucky bamboo can enhance good luck to your home.

7. Utilize Incense and Essential Oils

Contrary to popular belief, incense and essential oils are not just for aromatherapy. In Feng Shui, these scents can help clear negative vibrations, attract wealth and disperse good luck throughout the house.

8. Use Mirrors to Redirect Negative Energies

Mirrors are often used in Feng Shui to enhance the flow of Chi energy. People with house number 11 should place mirrors in strategic locations so that negative energy can be redirected away from the house.

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9. Place Wind Chimes on the Doors or Windows

Wind chimes not only sound beautiful, but they also have the power to attract luck and prosperity. Place a wind chime near the entrance of your home to bring in positive energy.

10. Choose the Right Furniture and Accessories

When choosing furniture and d├ęcor accessories, look for items with positive symbolism in Feng Shui. Try to incorporate the colors green and purple, as these colors are particularly beneficial for house numbers 11.

11. Spend Quality Time Outdoors To Feel Connected to the Universe

Feng Shui is all about connecting with the environment and nature. Spend quality time outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors to stay connected with the Universe.

Making the most of the unique energy associated with house number 11 is a great way to bring a sense of harmony and positivity in to your home. With a bit of creativity and the right approach, it is possible to really harness the energy of the number 11 to create a beautiful and lucky living space.

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