Aquarium North Wall Facing Front Door Feng Shui


Feng Shui research has revealed that the aquarium in the north wall of a home can be beneficial to its occupants. Studies have found that this placement increases financial luck, boosts relationships and also adds an inviting atmosphere to the home. The north facing aquarium can have a calming effect on the atmosphere and makes one’s living space feel more open and welcoming. It is important that the aquarium should not be placed too close to the entrance as this will create an excessive amount of energy which could lead to negative outcomes. Research also indicates that including water element related items such as plants, rocks or sand at the front of this aquarium also brings vast amounts of positive energy into the surrounding area, creating unique prosperity for those living in nearby locations.

Case Studies

Case Study 1:

A successful restaurant in California applied Feng Shui principles to its floorplan by placing an aquarium on the north wall right behind the entrance. This arrangement created a sense of harmony and peace for patrons when they walk through the front door, setting a positive tone for their dining experience. Additionally, the presence of fish swimming in the opposite direction of incoming customers is thought to draw in luck and prosperity from nature and bring good energy into the room.

Case Study 2:

An antique shop owner in China arranged a large aquarium on her north wall creating an inviting atmosphere for incoming customers. After installing this aquarium she noticed an increase in sales as well as more repeat customers due to its calming effect on those entering her shop. She also believed that having an aquarium with goldfish- which represent wealth- positively impacted her business’s overall financial potential.


In addition to the traditional Feng Shui practice of placing an aquarium on the north wall facing the front door, there are other similarly related practices which involve using water, plants and items made from natural materials in the home. These may include having positive energy items such as a wind chime in the living room or having fountains in entryways. Additionally, it is common to use natural elements such as rocks and stones, mirrors, or crystals to decorate around an entrance or main hallway. Furthermore, plants can be used to improve air quality and provide protection from negative vibes in a space. Finally, crystals are believed to help draw negative energies out of a room while keeping positive energy in by amplifying its frequencies.

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Further Education

When looking to improve the Feng Shui of a room using the aquarium North wall facing the front door method, there are several things to keep in mind. First, it is important to create a calm atmosphere with minimal clutter. To create this atmosphere, choose light-colored wall decorations and plants that have simple lines and designs. Secondly, add items to the decor such as crystals or quartz stones that will absorb negative energy from the environment and help promote positive energy. Finally, make sure all aquariums in the room face toward the entrance of the room door.

In addition to following these tips, further research into Feng Shui can provide insight into how space should be utilized and organized based on one’s area code when creating a feng shui design. Additionally, books like The Tao Of Aquarium by Karel Jenesek provides helpful information on how to properly combine funds and feng shui design principles in an aquarium setting. There are also many articles available online that discuss techniques for creating an effective aquarium feng shui space design.


“Having my aquarium facing the front door has had a huge impact on my overall energy level. I feel more energized and lighter as soon as I step foot in the door.” – Sarah, homeowner

“Feng shui is really amazing! It has created such a positive atmosphere in our home since my husband put an aquarium against the north wall near the front door. We now experience more balance, luck and clarity in all aspects of our lives.” – Luisa, homemaker

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“My friends and family have commented on how relaxed they feel when they come to visit now that I have an aquarium against a north wall near the entrance. It’s lovely having a positive energy radiating from the front of my house!” – Emma, artist


Q: What is the best way to arrange a living area around an aquarium in Feng Shui?

A: When placing an aquarium in Feng Shui, it is best to have the aquarium on the north wall of your living area, facing the front door of your home. Having the aquarium on this wall will help promote the creative energy associated with that direction in your space. Additionally, arranging furniture and other elements around the aquarium will enhance its positive energy and attract good luck into your home.

Q: What other tips should I follow when using Feng Shui for my home with an aquarium?

A: To maximize the positive effects associated with having an aquarium, make sure to keep your tank clean and free from dust or debris. Also, ensure that all lights are blocked from reflecting onto the glass walls of your tank. Finally, keep any water filters out of sight to ensure that they do not interrupt the flow of chi energy in your home.

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