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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of attitude, architecture and art that helps individuals realize harmony and balance with their environment. It dates back to more than 3,000 years ago, when the spiritual leaders of Ancient China believed that the design of one’s home could influence one’s life. Through age-old practices, Feng Shui seeks to create a sense of peace and balance in any given environment by promoting strong energy flows known as chi. Making use of the physical features of a dwelling, such as placement and flow of objects within it and properly orienting entrances according to the cardinal directions, Feng Shui attempts to create the perfect inner world for its occupants.

The original practice involved a complex set of geometrical calculations as well as observation from which a sixth sense or intuition based decisions were made by practitioners. As time passed, Feng shui was further refined and incorporated Buddhist principles into its practice. Changes started taking place during different dynasties depending upon the beliefs being used at that time. During the Han dynasty (206BCE – 220CE), the practice focused on symbols associated with animal totems such as dragons, birds and other mythical creatures while during Tang dynasty (618–907CE), Yin-Yang symbolism was used more heavily along with astrological correlations in order to accurately gauge directionality while using buildings to guide energy flows in certain ways.

Today, although still practiced with age-old techniques, many practitioners have been incorporating new philosophies into its practice such as recycling positive forces in negative spaces or using plants and colour in order to promote increased well-being recipients through proper planning and orientation in order to face any kind of misfortune head on or work within its parameters instead. Such changes have helped promote growth for this unique form of art within both traditional Chinese culture as well as modern times making Ana Maria Balarezo’s Feng Shui a great fit for anyone looking for greater harmony between their external world and their internal self.

Origin of Feng Shui

Ana Maria Balarezo is a professional Feng Shui expert and has been advocating its benefits since the 1980s. She began her journey after living with constant physical exhaustion due to stress-related issues, which led her to seek natural solutions. She encountered the concept of Feng Shui while working in the fashion industry, igniting her interest in this ancient practice.

Ana Maria set out to become a certified expert and embarked on rigorous courses in both classical and modern interpretations of Feng Shui. Her unique approach and understanding of the subject comes from many years of experience, as well as being bicultural — she speaks five languages and is deeply versed in Chinese culture, allowing her to bridge Eastern and western philosophies for practical applications.

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As a consultant, Ana Maria Balarezo’s goal is to bring balance and harmony into people’s lives through environmental design features to create a healthy, secure environment that creates joy in daily life. Her expertise crosses over floors plans, colors, décor choices, furniture placement, environmental psychology and more traditional Chinese cures such as mirrors which feature prominently in some of her projects.

Benefits of Ana Maria Balarezo’s Feng Shui Practices

Ana Maria Balarezo is an accomplished Feng Shui practitioner and students of the art. By following her advice, individuals can expect to experience positive changes in many aspects of their lives. Some of these changes may include increased success, happiness, energy levels, wealth, mental clarity, better relationships and physical health.

One type of change that individuals may experience after following Balarezo’s Feng Shui practices is a greater sense of balance in the home or workspace. This includes the proper arrangement of furniture and decorations in order to allow smooth energy flow in certain parts of the premises. When properly implemented, this allows for a more harmonious atmosphere to develop with strong chi energy.

Another type of change individuals may expect when following Ana Maria Balarezo’s methods is improved relationships with family members or co-workers due to an overall increase in peaceful vibes coming from their environment. This promotes better communication between parties and encourages problem-solving skills without aggression or strife.

Finally, by utilizing Ana Maria Balarezo’s Feng Shui practices one can find relief from day-to-day stressors and benefit from enhanced focus while at work or school which leads to further successes. This creates a virtuous cycle as it improves motivation levels even further which leads to even greater achievements over time.

Clients’ Experiences with Ana Maria Balarezo’s Feng Shui

Video Testimonial 1:

“I had the amazing experience of having Ana Maria working in my home. I didn’t know if it would work, but something amazing happened when she finished! She made me feel happy and loved, something I hadn’t felt in a long time. I had an abundance of positive energy, my relationships improved and most importantly my mood was lifted. There is something so powerful about this practice that truly transforms your life in a profound way.”

—Jim H., Los Angeles

Audio Testimonial 2:
“Ana Maria Balarezo’s Fen Shui really worked for my home! She addressed areas I wasn’t even aware of and helped balance the energy in our living space. We even increased our total success rate at work due to the adoption of her practices!”
– Sara S., California

Tips for Living a Balanced Life

1. Re-energize and clear the energy of your home: Create a sense of warmth and serenity in your home by cleansing your environment often with incense, smudging or sage burnings. This helps to increase positive energies and create a more balanced living space.

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2. Attention to every detail: Take care of small details that can make a great difference in the atmosphere of your home, such as rearranging furniture, clearing any clutter or placing hidden Feng Shui items like mirrors, plants, or artwork strategically around the house.

3. Connecting with spiritual and emotional forces: Tap into both the spiritual and emotional components of Feng Shui to understand how they connect to the physical environment, such as incorporating symbols and colors that attract positive energy into your home space.

4. Incorporating elements into each room: Seeing how each element is represented within each room and creating balance between them will help infuse good vibes into any area of your home—from decorating with furniture associated with wood elements to lighting choices associated with fire elements.

5. Accessing Yin & Yang energy flows: Learn about Yin & Yang—which are opposing energies—to understand how these different energies affect us day-to-day; employ these energy flows by having various objects associated with Yin & Yang present in your homes such as soft textiles for Yin energy, natural elements for Yang energy, etc…

Summary & Conclusion

Ana Maria Balarezo is an acclaimed Feng Shui consultant who has devoted her career to helping people create personal energy balance in their homes and workplaces. Through the use of mudras, map analysis and other Feng Shui principles, she guides her clients in developing a living space that reflects harmony and abundance. Through her consultations, books, seminars, and online programs, Ana Maria has helped countless individuals take control over their lives through their environment.

In conclusion, Ana Maria Balarezo’s teachings demonstrate how powerful a well balanced living arrangement can be on both the physical and spiritual levels. Her work provides those eager to learn with the steps necessary to transforming the atmosphere of any given space while simultaneously shifting the nearby energies. To further deepen your understanding and execution of Ana Maria’s philosophies, readers can refer to her podcast which features exclusive interviews ranging from experts in meditation & mindfulness to leading creatives. Additionally, readers could try Baralerezo’s ‘Quiz of Transformation’ – an activity designed to help identify areas needing attention & alignment so you can feel fully supported by your home or workspace.

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